Wednesday, January 15, 2014


Each guest that came to our house on Christmas Eve and Christmas for dinner received a special handmade gift from Evie Joy and Josiah! 

Josiah's grinch
Josiah's painted hand wise men
Evie Joy's painted foot tree
Evie Joy's hand angel
Evie Joy's attempt at camels with cutting out hands
Another Evie Joy Painted foot tree
Evie Joy hand Rudolph 
Josiah painted hand Santa
Evie Joy button tree

Evie Joy cut out hand wreath 
Josiah cut out wreath and Evie Joy's paper tree

Manger with foot and Tree with hand

Evie Joy's finger paint Tree
Evie Joy painted wreath with hands and feet
Evie Joy's Rudolph with hands

 Josiah loved making these clothespin people bc he played with them like toys haha
 Evie Joy's painted hand camels and wise men! love these
 Josiah's Rudolph clothespin 

 all 3 of Josiah's clothespin men

 Josiah also made some painted snowmen hands and painted snowmen ornaments but for some reason i didn't take pictures of those

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