Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Teacher Josiah!

This is Josiah teaching a Bible Story from the Jesus Storybook Bible at English Corner with local Middle and High School students!  I love this expression here! So sweet!

Story Cloth Mondays with Daddy!

I love this picture! Every Monday Daddy teaches a new story on the story cloth and reviews the overview with them of stories previously studied!  Judah loves to try to join in with Big Bro and Big Sis and it's just precious for me to see!

27 & 28 Weeks- Popping OUT!

 All photo credits go to Evie Joy! ha! Above, we were climbing rocks at the Rock Park, beginning of 27 weeks…Below, mid 27 weeks…wow, i think i look pretty huge!

 Here 28 weeks!  I wanted to document how big that baby bump is growing! yikes! Thanks Evie Joy! You are an awesome help!

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Judah 21 months!

 Judah is so so cute, all intense playing Thomas these days! It is so great that he actually will sit and play for long periods of time!

 Loves his brother and sister!
 on the loose outside at night
 had so much fun at the Dicos' playground!
 too funny dancing to his tune! 

 was super excited about these fresh ripe strawberries!  

 enjoys playing at sissy's School's playground!

 praise dancing! 

 below, oh yeah Wiggles! 
 love some RARR RARR love! 
 the kids are great at tag teaming him playing on this little falling apart playground in our complex!

 mornings when Rarr Rarr comes to play are the best!
 he loves playing with this dump truck outside, too funny
and loves to make them both hold his hands, very sweet! 

 LOVES outsdie! 
 some more random fun! bus and seesaw with all 3!

playing bubbles with Sissy, so excited! 
This has been a good month for Judah beginning to play by himself for long periods of time, understanding so much more, yet not saying anything still!  He loves these Cedermont Kid's Praise Song Videos, it's sweet but i'm trying to turn his interests to a few other shows, ha!  He has a  really sweet and funny little personality!  He has even gotten better about allowing us to get a little School accomplished with him around, woo hoo for 21 months!  He also is really loving chocolate milk, ha! 

26 Weeks!

Wednesday, April 8, 2015


 Easter Egg hunt with 20 local friends!

 We were so excited about the Egg Hunt!

 Judah on EAster!
 some outside bike riding...

 3 cuties! Josiah 7, Evie Joy 5 1/2 and Judah almost 21 months!
 decorating eggs at our house!

 making some Easter crafts and books about the story!
 Easter egg cookies and jelly beans!

 Resurrection Eggs and songs!

 Easter meal with some of our friends!

 Judah overdosing on jelly beans!