Tuesday, January 27, 2015


 So, these are mostly blurry but it was quite difficult to get an action shot not blurry, also watch Judah so he didn't' accidentally play with some heavy bowling balls…but I got a few for keepsake!

 no bumpers or helpful contraptions around here for help! Bowling with the big fellas! ha!
Judah all tuckered out on the bus ride home! 

Enjoying swimming at the Hot Springs

 Judah loved swimming in the hot springs water! This Summer he wasn't really into swimming in the big pool so it was a lot of fun with him on this trip! Jumping in and everything!
And of course EJ and Jo had a great time too!
 Evie Joy's way too overly sized balloon flower bouquet Mommy made her get rid of before the long bus ride home!

Sunday, January 25, 2015

LIttle Shoppers!

I prefer to do my shopping with 1 or 2 kids if I have a choice but this day no choice and we desperately needing to stock up on some items so off we went!  We were quite the site, lots of stopping for photos…I love these kids and that they are so willing to help their Mama out!

It's Sunny Outside! Skating With Daddy!

Mommy & Jo Sweetie Sleepover

Recently Josiah and I were invited for a sleepover playdate by our friend in the big city! It proved to be a really nice break for the 2 of us.  He had a wonderful time playing! We are so thankful for good friends! 
 Josiah getting killed by light saber

Josiah and his best pal Mason Star Wars style, about to go to bed...

A few cute random KFC pics

 Love these kids! Love these smiles!

Some January Home School!

 Our first day of Second Grade for Josiah and First Grade for Evie Joy
 Practicing ABC's for our local friends and Chinese Characters for us with shaving cream
thanks to a care package from friends at home!
 Daddy of course showed us up making this elephant out of the clay!
Judah has no idea what he is doing but so wants to join us! Here we are coloring our Bible Story page!
 Evie Joy practicing her words! Don't we all wish we could dress like her for School!?!
 Hotel School includes practicing our Spelling words in the shower with liquid soap! Why not?!

 Josiah wanted me to take a picture of  the horse he drew with chalk!
Daddy's art skills!
Josiah and compound words!

3 Cutest Ninjas EVER

New Year's Fun Day at Local PreSchool

Evie Joy's Judah Song

I don't think I've ever jotted this down-Evie Joy has a Judah song she sings and I wanted it up here for keepsake…

If I had a Judah
If I had a Judah
What would he say?!
Rarr Rarr (his name for Evie Joy; also during which part you are really excited!)

He does love his Rarr Rarr (Sissy)!  He wakes up every morning looking and calling for her!

Passport Renewal Embassy Meeting

Evie Joy had an important passport renewal meeting at the US Embassy today. While there, She knew what every important picture of America was that came up on the tv screen. She explained what liberty and democracy meant as well as gave a 5 minute biography on George Washington and Thomas Jefferson. BUT when asked if she was born in Tennessee she said "I don't know! I know where Tennessee is, MiMi and Poppe live in Tennessee." Then, she made a map of the USA and pointed to where TN is on the map!

Even Daddy was impressed! I asked him if he knew all that when he was 5, and he normally always knows everything, and he was like No, I suppose I didn't! ha! 

The Angel of the Lord

The angel of the LORD coming to visit Abraham in the Old Testament has been baffling Josiah this week. So, tonight I finally was able to explain it to him using his understanding of BC/AD, the eternality of God, 3 personhood of God and God coming as man- Immanuel, Incarnate as Jesus fully man and God. I love how excited he was to get a little grasp of this and try to teach his stuffed animals! So sweet! 

Also lately he's been doing a few disrespectful things towards me and it's been difficult.  I honestly think he tires of me telling him to do so many things-home/school/life…but this week has been so encouraging.  Each time instead of punishing him I have been disciplined to ask him if I can pray for him and he accepts and then a lot of hugs and kisses follow and then more and more hugs and kisses all day long.  Sometimes I forget although he is 7 how he still enjoys hugs and kisses!  He is one sweet kid!

Monday, January 19, 2015

Judah 18 months!

Sometime this month, Judah has started running everywhere! It's the cutest and yet scariest thing! He just runs from one thing to another because he can! ha! 
 Above is a stuffed Judah…it was quite cold for the older kids' School activity! 
Below, Judah loved playing in the fake snow!

 A stuffed Panda Judah!
 A really cute playing at KFC playground Judah!
and Below, talking on the phone Judah! ha…
 Above, blurry but a praise Jesus Judah!
I love that he is learning so much…I forget that he can understand even though he can't express it in words.  So, we've started learning a little about God-
Judah points up for God
then God is BIG!  He puts both arms up as high as he can
For God made he cups his hands together 
God loves, he puts his hands near his heart
Praise God, he wiggles fingers in sky and dances
He loves to sing and dance! It's adorable at the sound of music how he has to bust a move!
 knocked out tired Judah who fell asleep traveling on the bus!
 He likes these train blocks

 His little feet and hands Christmas crafts!

 He wants to be such a big boy and learn with the big kids! 
He loves markers a bit too much, tries to eat them and crayons ahhh!

I haven't let him do the dishes too much since the electrical fire but today I did while I did some baking, there was only minimal damage, water on him and a tad on the floor!
 Judah loves this overly huge bear of Evie Joys ah! 
He loves to wrestle it and jump off the couch and attack it! 

 Above, quite funny how Brother and Sister enjoy playing with Judah's toy zoo, ha!
And Judah playing dress up with Bro Bro and RAR RAR! 
Judah is still nursing 2x a day!  He is very stubborn and determined…a strong little fella, he's always choosing huge items for a little fella to pick up and move all around ha! He loves to give hugs and kisses! It's so sweet! And if i kiss him he leans in for more and more! I love this! 
His last few teeth has popped up so his smile is looking full these days!