Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Good Times Swimming At Aunt Kathy;s, Aunt Jeans & Aunt Pam's!

We have done a lot of swimming while visiting our family!  yippie yay for us! 
Joseph, Julianne and Josiah played this game where they'd mimic a family member or character while jumping off the diving board.  Josiah's buzz light year and give Mommy kisses were pretty much the same, but still cute!

 They also loved swimming at Aunt Pam's pool!

And sliding down the slide at Aunt Jean's!

Above is them lounging at Aunt Kathy's!
 And more fun at Great Aunt Pams! 

Dancin at the HardRock!

Josiah was watching the music videos during dinner intently and so when we left he started trying to mimic the rock stars performances.  it was fun!  And of course Evie Joy joined in a little!

Ridin Rides at the Track!!! Fun Fun!

A few beach highlights!

Josiah loved boogie boarding with Poppe and Daddy!

Of course they both loved swimming!  Here's Evie Joy jumpin in!

Loved playing with Uncle Travis!

And Poppe!

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Josiah loved spending time with his cousin Abigail!

Evie Joy loves baby Alistair

Some Fam Beach Photos!

 I love that this one of the 4 of us shows so much of our personalities- Mommy and Jo wild, Daddy calm and collected and Evie Joy- annoyed!  :)  Love it!
Uncle Travis, Aunt Rebeca, Abigail 3, baby Alistar- 3 months, MiMi, Poppe, Mommy, Daddy, Josiah 4 1/2, Evie Joy- 1 month from 3

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Wave BoogiN JO

Cousin Fun in the Sand!

Evie Joy and Abigail had fun making big holes in the sand together! 

Oh More Evie Joy! 100 degrees and she's in not 1 vest but 3!

Silly Evie Joy in the tub!

I went to check on EJ last month sometime and found her shooting her animals haha!  that girl cracks me up!