Tuesday, June 29, 2010

more jo dance class with big daddy and grandma

Evie Joy & Graysen

Evie Joy & Graysen are 6 weeks apart. She is 6weeks older but he is almost twice her size :)!
Uncle Dave is Graysen's Grandaddy! He loves his Granddaddy!

love EJ's cheeks here!

even though he is bigger, she is definitely more aggressive! She tackled him and he cried a little, bless him- she was a bit too much!

tell this girl to leave me alone!

Mommy's Cousin Willie is Graysen's DAddy!

isn't he cute!

finally enjoying playing guitars together!

Friday, June 25, 2010

Evie Joy & Big Daddy

Happy Father's Day Daddy!

these are our cousins on my mom's side- she has lots of cousins and these are her cousins' kids yard sale toy was a big hit! loved yard sales with Chanse- bought 20 toys for 20 bucks!

Evie Joy meeting cousin Alyssa

Aunt Karen, cousin Deanne, cousin Amber, Aunt Debbie, cousin Danielle, cousin Bobby, Keri, Mommy, Daddy, Evie Joy, Uncle Donnie, Alyssa, Madison, Mumaw, Alison,
Josiah, Derrick and Bella

Mumaw and her great-grandkids

love Evie Joy's huge smile in this one!

Aunt Karen

Josiah had a really good time playing with Aunt Karen
not real sure what the game was but it was fun!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Big Daddy & his little buddy

Evie Joy loves Joseph & Julianne!

Evie Joy loves playing with cousins Joseph & Julianne

here, she was so intently looking at Joseph she could stand on her own!

looks so cute in her overalls!

Julianne and Josiah made a train with EJ

Julianne & Joseph had to take turns pushing EJ in her car and walker (both yard sale deals!-only 2 bucks each!)

she loved it, they did it for over an hour!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Motorcycle JO!

music class with Grandma & Big Daddy

josiah was so cute. he decided that he was the teacher and grandma and big daddy were the students. he would hand them each the same item and show them how to stay 'on beat', then collect these items, put them 'away' and move onto the next- anyways, very cute and very similar to his own music class he took this past year. i got a really cute video of it but it is too big to upload.