Friday, March 28, 2014

Josiah's First Show and Tell - Bunny

for some reason it seems to only show up on my post but not the blog, so i'm putting the link below to see if that works

Josiah loves the rope swing!

 I think my Jo looks so handsome and fun here

Judah 7-8 months woo hoo!

We were in the states this month, he sure loved exploring around MiMi and Poppe's house!

 I love these, he is so smily and cute!  

 He loved to pull up on these stools too much!

 This is Judah with cousins Joseph, Julianne, Charlotte and Asher (only 4 months older!)
 not great shots but super cute face!

 buggy ride with sister!
He is cruising around and he will pull up and take one hand off and do fine but then when he takes both hands off he only can stand a few seconds...he is getting into everything!  ha!  He has 5 teeth now, 3 up top and 2 on the bottom and another looks like it is cutting up top.  Happy 8 months old to my Judah Bug!  Love this kid!