Thursday, May 28, 2009

Some things I've been up to...

Daddy was baking a cake in MiMi's kitchen and I wanted to be just like my Daddy!

This week my big sister Denise and her hubby Joel came to visit and played with me!

& one of my favorite things- SQUEAKY SHOES!
they provide hours of free entertainment!

Saying Goodbye- A few last memories

This amazing piece of clothing was hand embroidered by Yi Ran's Grandma. It was made for him but his Mom insisted I take it because I was going back to America. We felt so incredibly unworthy for such a gift because we know it took sooooo many hours of hard work, but we will cherish it!
this is my last day in my hometown- Above, you can see the pretty mountains, the digger truck i love to watch and where the buildings use to be. Then below, you can see a view of some of our city from our apartment.
my last shot with Yi Ran
my last day hanging out with Peeps!

& my arrival to my Daddy's hometown

& tons of people who love me!

Monday, May 25, 2009

American JO

my first kid's meal from Arby's - the capri sun was my fav!
playin in my tent at MiMi and Poppi's
rockin in Daddy's rockin chair
my fun toy but missing China outfit!
this video is of everybody clapping for me cause i'm so great!

me and my buddy yi ran water fun

Monday, May 18, 2009

last village trip- goodbye to my girlfriend

this is my girlfriend Xi Ting, isn't she cute!

(i'm totally going to the bathroom here!)

& then i got tired and Daddy put me on his back & guess what

i fell asleep!
on the bus sleeping

Sunday, May 17, 2009

suitcases, a roof & some sweepin

our couch was replaced with suitcases!

oops this one didn't have enough in it for my adventure

i went to my friend's family's house for some good food and fun- i liked daddy pushing me around on this bike

and me and YiRan had a good time playing in the water
(sorry not a face shot- maybe we'll get one later from his mommy)
& i've been practicing my sweeping and mopping skills these days
here is a little peak

here, mommy and daddy made it smaller for me

& i thought about taking a break but it was too tempting

Thursday, May 14, 2009

a wonderful time at some special friends

i love this dog, it was so nice to me! I even learned how to say it's name, "Doo Doo"
They gave me a pig tail to eat. Mommy asked, "Ugh, can he eat it?" They said, "Yeah, it's good." But, i really didn't know what to do with it.

I just played with it for awhile kinda confused.
I mean what would you do with a cooked pigs tail?
This is a picture of all our delicious food. This family cooks our absolute favorite local home cooked food. We are gonna miss this food so much!

For some entertainment (after Doo Doo got tired of me and my squeaky shoes) I played with these fruity balls for like an hour- they sure were entertaining!

this is a very full me, mommy and daddy
and these are my friends that cooked us such a fabulous meal