Wednesday, April 25, 2012

new dancing square!

Oh dear Evie JOY!

 Evie Joy is so full of spunk!  She cracks me up!  Above, she is playing the ABC twister game- she was so funny trying to get her ear, hands and feet in all the correct spots!
 yes yes she ate some black dirt!  i promise it was only a second i had my eye off her!
And below, She loves helping!  She says Mommy Can I help?  I am a good helper! 
Below, she is helping buy cherries which are in season around here and in abundance!  She also helps wash dishes and put clothes away!  She really does try to be a good little helper!  My little girl is really a blessing!

Bamboo Forest

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Josiah giving out Easter Eggs to his class!

sorry they are kinda blurry, it's becaue i took daddy's little camera just to sneak in a few shots, Jo's main teacher was out so his teacher had 48 kids alone...above, he is singing the chorus to "Lord I lift your name on high" to his class

his classmates are really excited about their eggs and candy!

Evie Joy giving out eggs to her class

Monday, April 9, 2012


Happy Easter! Josiah and Evie Joy had a fun packed weekend celebrating with local friends!
Saturday we had our "normal" English Corner students over for an Easter Party. We taught them how to dye Easter eggs!

Below, Josiah is giving everyone some candy :)

Easter morning the kids were so excited to wake up to Easter baskets! Last year we didn't do Easter baskets- since we aren't in America, they really didn't know they were missing out :) But this year Mimi sent us some stuffed monkeys and candy, Karissa and Alison sent some Super Hero toys and a Boz book and Chanse sent some bags and cards so we threw in a few eggs filled with candy and found some baskets at the wholesale market AND we had Easter baskets! Josiah woke up first and he was so fun and excited especially about the Super Hero toys and Lightning McQueen bag! He couldn't wait for Evie Joy to get up. He kept asking to get her up! It was so cute! When she did he told her about all the fun stuff in her basket and so she came out...and guess what, she was most excited about the candy! haha! gotta love how unique and different they loves the toys and the other loves the sweets!

yup this is them Easter morning...this is what they slept in, ha...they got in bed really late since we had a party the night before so we didn't worry about changing their clothes!

We really enjoyed our Easter worship service...our Bible story was actually on the call of Abraham since we are going through the Desiring God Kindergarten curriculum now...we love singing "Lord I lift Your Name on High" "The Bible Bop" "God of Wonders" "Hosanna"- these are some of our favorites these days! We even learned a verse in Chinese! "Bie pa, Wo yu ni tong zai!" meaning "Do not be afraid, I am with you!"

the evening of Easter we had a few local families over for Easter dinner! Mommy's teacher and son came, our friend John, Chris and her parents, our friend Winona and the Ayi that has a shop we go to everyday :)

playing baseball with Ge Ge with balloons and a shovel!

Playing with Resurrection Eggs with friend Chris!

While the big people watched the Passion, we played rice and beans...look at this mess...

dying Easter Eggs! Yes, Evie Joy wanted to wear her vest of many colors over her Easter dress?! She's a hoot!

Handsome Josiah (thanks to MiMi) decorating his Easter Egg!

Our Easter celebrating is not quite over, tomorrow we will hand out eggs filled with candy to all our 70 classmates and give gifts to our teachers!

The kids loved hosting people. Today Josiah said "Mommy, Happy EAster! can we have friends over today?" haha, love him!

What we do when the Locals are at the Graves...

we go out to play! the weather was really nice, sunny, warm, not raining! i mean, amazing! we didn't have school for 3 days because it was "Grave Sweeping Festival" where the locals go to their ancestors graves...we enjoyed our the big park by the river, where we rode across in one of these little boats!

We went to the People's Park, to the small zoo and we were pleasantly surprised to find a new tiger, lion and 2 new black bears! the black bears were so fun playing with one another! Josiah wanted a picture in front of the huge Tiger!

there were even rock climbing stations at the Zoo Park!

And we rode the carousel twice!!!! Evie Joy even wanted to ride more!

And we played in the parking lot next to our apartment complex, it isn't paved so it's a huge mass of black gravel for us to dig in!

the Water Man Shu Shu's son Si Li Chao came to play with us too!

If Evie Joy didn't get hungry she could probably stay out there all day! That girl loves diggin in some dirt!

Don't worry we took a mid day bath!

Well we went to the Park, sailed in the boat, went to the Zoo, climbed some rocks, rode the carousel, dug in the we are back in the classroom! It was a fun break!

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Hair Cuts!

Evie Joy before... After!

And of course because she asked, we had to let her get her nails done!

they painted strawberries!

while Evie Joy was getting her hair cut, Josiah was being really friendly with some workers! haha, he gave one lady a few kisses!

Josiah before...

And After!

Yay! We were very overdue for a hair cut!