Thursday, February 26, 2009

most of all Jesus Loves Me!

I really like this book called "Most of All Jesus Loves Me" that Alison & Jimmy sent to me. It is a bedtime story that explains that everybody loves me...and at the end of the book it says "Most of All Jesus Loves Me." Well, one day last week I started clapping at the very end when it says "Most of All Jesus Loves Me." Noone taught me to do this- thus why it is so cute that i do it. We didn't record reading the whole book, just the end so you see my cute little part. We are glad i get excited about this truth!

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

learning to say "shoes"

for awhile now, Jo will get his shoes if you ask him to and other things that indicate he knows what "shoes" are but the past few days he began trying to say "shoes" himself, he does it quite often, but doesn't prefer to do it for the camera so this is our best attempt for now, but you can hear how funny he is trying to get his "sh" out- he uses tons of spit and then what he adds after his long "sh" comes out like "does"

havin laundry fun & sweet sleepin Jo

Friday, February 20, 2009

brushing my teeth is fun!

well, we don't really know how much i actually brushed my teeth, but i was tired of mom sticking this thing in my mouth, i wanted a try at it...and if you click on my pic you can see where i "ran" literally into the door frame- no stitches this time, just normal boy stuff

playing upside down looking between my legs JO

this was really funny- he kept bending over to look between his legs and then he'd turn around until he fell down, he'd pick himself back up and do it all over again and again

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

more sunny warm fun times at the track

this is me playing the dirt of the abandoned use to be track's long jump pit...this is the closest thing we'll find to a sand box around here

this is me with way too much snot running into my mouth and teething druel running off my cheek..."Mom, I'm done now, will you clean me up?"

This is me seeing that Mom was gonna take a picture of me playing with the straw so i had to stop and cheese it up for the camera

This is me with hardly no one at the track, walking around exploring where ever i want to go

Thank God for a few warm days to play outside!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

15 months old JO

As you can tell, I love meeting people. Above, I am greeting those passing by on the street and below, i'm making friends with some exercisers at the track. Recently at a hotel, all the staff knew me because i was always greeting them; last week at a wedding, i went to every table and personally greeted every person i could

Ok, so what else have i been doing that isn't already on my blog? Well, i've been taking my pants off and my diaper...ahh!! So far, it has only been pee diapers, but we are a little afraid when it becomes more. I am running all over the place and trying to march, but it normally ends up being just a one legged march. 2 of my fav foods are mac and cheese and rice (not together- but it is amazing how i have chosen a local food and an American one). Daddy recently taught me how to flick a ping pong ball between my fingers so i've been practicing that new skill. In addition to saying "Ahhh" after i drink, i like to say "MMM" after i take a bite. I was saying Dog, Duck and Quack all the time a few weeks back but the past week or so i've taken a break. I prefer to make noises rather than actually say real words. We hear that is a boy thing. I call a noodle a "doo" and i can distinguish a banana, calling it "nana" but i also am now calling just about everything "nana"...a little confusing. Big Daddy mailed me "Word World" and it has become one of my new favorite shows. The dvd has 4 shows on it and Mom and Dad are a little tired of watching the same ones, but i never tire of it. And a few weeks back i weighed at 9.2 kg- a little over 20 pounds- which is great for me because i still happily swing in my swing (until 25 pounds!) These are some things about me, thanks for catching up.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

open, close, give love game

Okay, this game originated with Mommy and Jo, but somehow Jo started playing with Daddy so this is Daddy stealing some of Mommy's love, but i guess there is enough to go around- what Jo does is comes over to your bent knees and pulls them out- you say open- he closes them- you say close- we've been playing this for a few months and sometimes he likes to play it a lot...but now he has added coming in for "close" and giving love which is extra sweet

Improved Self Feeding Skills

jo was sick and was refusing to eat so we decided to buy some baby food- we do have 1 place in town that sometimes has some baby food (sometimes it is strange fish kind) but anyhow he did seem to eat more of it for those few days than real food...well, i had an empty jar laying out from earlier and he took the spoon and was practicing feeding himself (bless him, with nothing really in the spoon) so we put him in his chair and gave him a full jar and he went to town...and he did so good feeding himself with no grown up help at all!

this is another day and you can see he went with the left hand this day and his messiness even improved :) and today when we went out for lunch, he was so cute, we gave him food just on the table (we sanitized it first) but then he asked for a spoon...oh, the other customers were so impressed

reading, leaping & some foot action

I spend hours everyday looking at books. I love books! Some of my new favorite books include (above) the FIRETRUCK book from Auntie Angela- I love to pull out the hidden pictures, it is so much fun! (below) MY BROTHER from my Sister Denise- I have fun finding all the things the little brother hides under all the flaps

And from Auntie Amy- ON THE FARM- today i think i went through this book 20 plus times with Mom, but it was sooo much fun!
I love little kids, not so much my age, but a little older. I love if they play with me. Most of the time, they aren't really that interested, but one day this week we went to the track and these 2 little kids actually played with me. We didn't have the camera, but we tried to capture some of my fun on the cell-- here they are leaping ahead of me and I'm not sure what i am doing...i guess this is as close to a leap as i can get :)

This was sooo funny...For some reason i got really adventurous and started playing with my pop up toy with my feet! (this is from my Mumaw)

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Daddy taught me to say "Ahhh" after i take a drink

the one above he notices the camera so he started smiling and laughing and only half did Ahh but it was cute so i put it on for ya'll

the one below is a better Ahh but he already threw his drink down and i barely captured it, he again saw the camera and was ready to play wtih it- He is really funny, practicing his Ahh just about everytime he takes a drink and sometimes just for random fun

I put my puzzle piece in and clap for myself

since we got home Jo randomly got his puzzle out and put the piece in the correct spot and began clapping for himself, what is so funny is that he thought of this all on his own and now he does it everyday, it cracks me up

i like run and jump into the bean bag chair over and over

Saturday, February 7, 2009

my block masterpiece

check out what i built- isn't it cool! I've improved a lot in my building skills, hugh! Really, i did this all by myself except Mom adding maybe 5 blocks and holding my really high tower sometimes for balance. I thought ya'll be impressed!!

I kept making it higher and higher, i think it got to 16 stories before it fell.
And this is just a funny Jo face

bathtime fun

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

a few more cute travel jo pics

this is me playing in the airport; i love running around and meeting everyone

and i liked riding on this thing, although i think this is about the time i decided to go to the bathroom so we had to emergency change my clothes before going into our gate and then again when we were at our arrival destination at the baggage claim...then while we were in the taxi, mom was saying how this "vacation" for me included shots, mosquito bites, a runny nose, a cough and now going potty all the way threw 2 pairs of pants...then within 5 minutes i threw up all over my mom, yup in the taxi, but mostly mom and i were covered and we stayed that way all the way home...traveling is rough on a cute little buddy named jo