Sunday, February 27, 2011

Friday, February 25, 2011

rock climbing with poppe 2

me & mommy climbed up pretty high :)

fun times with my poppe on the rocks!

rock climbing with poppe!

random people wanting a picture with me :) actually really sweet couple, the man is Miao (there were lots of Miao people where Mommy, Daddy & Josiah use to live) & his wife is Tibetan

anything brother can do, i can too!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Jo on the bus...

playdate with du du

This is our new friend Du Du. He is 3 months younger than EJ.
Du Du's Mommy is our Mommy's teacher :)

EJ & Du Du hugging!

guys chillin

kiddos with Jennifer, Du Du's Mommy

very difficult to get a shot of all of us looking at the camera...

so here are our attempts :)

Friday, February 18, 2011

Evie Joy Loves to Swing! Weeee

EJ loves to swing in big Bro Jo's room :)
we got this cool swing you hang from the ceiling from the China Ikea in a bigger city
it was just a few AM dollars :)
i love her face above with her teeth...she is saying "cheese!"

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

around our apartment complex...

i thought i might give you a 'big picture' kinda view of our apartment complex
and the beautiful view we see from our 28th floor apartment:

these are some kids who live in our complex
they were playing "train" with jo in the car and ej and the other kids pushing :)

Evie Joy made it climbing up to the big slide by herself, the metal steps are a bit difficult to get up and she even climbed up the yellow climbing thing (name?) but i couldn't' take a picture of that because i was um, spotting her...that girl!

no matter what the weather is like, the sheep is always a fun option to ride
these days, Evie Joy will hold out her hand and ask daddy for more when the ride stops, again very funny that little girl is!

kids at the fruit stand, love the fruit lady, we go visit her a couple times a week and get some free fruit, crackers, candy...make some friends...she doesn't mind our exploring too much

EJ and fruit lady in our complex :)

Jo learning to do the monkey bars

view of kidos with daddy playing from up is on the L in the blue hat, EJ is on the R in the pink....below you can see they are chasing some little brown dog, the kids absolutely love this little dog, apparently it is our curtain lady's so we trust playing with it and it's super well

this is a view of down below from up above :) remember we live on the 28th the L is the playground, the upper L hand corner, then you see the pool directly below...just thought some of you out there in blogger world would want to see this :)

there are actually tennis courts to the R of the pool and some little walkways the kids love to run and run through and get lots of exercise...there are about 5000 people who live in our complex, which is the entire size of my hometown

jo playing at the playground; can you find him?!

daddy pushing ej in her car!
the end!