Monday, January 30, 2012

Little Girl Learning Big-Gril Stuff!

Evie Joy feels so big learning her ABC's and playing brother's Leapster games! And everyone must notice how stylish she looks learning :)

Friday, January 27, 2012

Learning to Spell GOD

We have some praise music videos and the word "God" is repeated several times :) so it was cute to see Josiah pick up on it and begin learning to spell the word "God"- when he writes words like his name and above "God" he thinks getting all the correct letters is all that is important- i was trying to explain that "God" backwards is "Dog" ha- but in his little heart it was still "God!" :)

Friday, January 20, 2012

A few Highlights from Evie Joy's Frist Real Semester at Chinese Preschool

above was an attempt to get some shots but um, my battery died ( like i said on the other post, i only had one week to attend dancing time to get some shots) but i did get a few below!

she really got into her marching- the kids love it that teacher says "R-E-R" when marching :)

and Evie Joy loves clapping- she says "Pai Pai Pai"

she loves eating at school- her teachers always say she eats 2 bowls of rice?! at home i can barely get her to eat a half of a bowl of anything!

pretty sure part of it is that her teachers feed her like this!

here she is from a distance in class. i am afraid if i stood in the open she'd cry...

her class is the "Small Small Class" so they didn't participate in the New Year's Day celebration but Josiah's class invited Evie Joy to join them so here she is with all the big kids!

she had no idea what to do in the competition!

here is her attempt at the blow painting!

below- Daddy was very resourceful!

And here is her report card- Pretty much, she looks good but needs to dress herself, she knows how to be clean and careful- she needs to work on cleaning up and right now, i forget what else?!

Kids' Preschool Dancing 3

this year i go to University class at the same time the kids have Preschool so i haven't gotten to stick around for fun dancing videos and pictures, but last week I was out of school and they still had class so i attempted to get a few videos :) enjoy!

Thursday, January 19, 2012

preschool dance 1

Preschool Dance 2

Local Preschool Fall 2011

i attempted to take a few pictures here and there the last 2 months of here you go! above- picking Jo up, he was eating with his class, but he spotted me and ran to give me a hug but you get to see his class in action eating lunch :) He doesn't really like me to pick him up during lunch time because he likes to stay long enough to "shui jiao" as he says - that means sleep, but he doesn't really sleep, he just lays down for like 10 minutes with his class - but he likes to end his day that way so i just wait until 12ish to pick him up :)

these are a New Year's Celebration Competition! They always love Josiah to participate in these types of events- he did well of course, he won his first round- no one captured his flag but i think he was a little tired after that and quickly got out the second time around :)

below- for New Year's they do these blow pen pictures- Daddy did most of the effective blowing :)

DANCING! Yes, my Jo is still a super good dancer! He is in the middle left with his hands up.

In the back left, with Lightning McQueen on his head!

Excited Sissy was joining this dance with his class!

He is always Qin Laoshi's special dancing helper! Here everyone is going in-between Jo and Qin Laoshi!

gettin down with Qin Laoshi

His certificate and report card! He has learned to share with others and is teacher's helper! He needs to work on his love for collectiveness, his sense of community and communicating with others- it kinda cracks us up but we want to never forget his first report card!

hopefully i will get some fun dancin videos up soon but i'm not really tech savvy so hopefully i can figure it out for you :)

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

stuffed kids!

some times i think they just look so cute in all their layers :)

Monday, January 9, 2012

a lot of rainy days...

this is what we look like on a lot of recent rainy days

josiah would rather play wtih the mcqueen on his umbrella handle rather than use the umbrella to be keep dry...

you can't really see Evie Joy...Daddy gets quite annoyed with the little princess because she is already super slow and then traveling with her umbrella she is like triple slow....

but when it takes like 10 minutes to walk out to the road, then we wait for a bus or taxi another 15-20 minutes, the umbrella is nice to keep off some rain :) and our rain boots are super because we aren't attending preschool in wet feet all day!

Friday, January 6, 2012

Evie Joy's Christmas 2011

so here is our attempt at re-capturing some of Evie Joy's Christmas!
It was fun with Evie Joy this year because it was the first year she really began understanding the story of Christmas and could be excited and celebrating!

This is our first Christmas Dinner with friend Kelly and Chris- she loves playing with Kelly!

MiMi gave Evie Joy a dress that had a matching dress for baby doll :)

very excited to play with Ivan!

friends Ivan and Winnie came and spent the week with us! Evie Joy loved playing with them and getting tons of extra attention and love!

Josiah 4, Evie Joy almost 2 1/2! Christmas 2011! She is so funny in her smile-s he always smiles so big, her eyes close :)

Christmas morning- a few friends came over- we (more like they) did this cool Christmas puzzle!

I love my froggie pj's if you haven't already noticed! i have lots of pretty clothes and warm little outfits too but my pj's are my favorite. I beg Mommy and Daddy to wear them everyday!

i got these cool high heels! had to take my froggies off to try them on! my local friends loved them!

me and my special friend Nancy- she has been our tutor for a year and a half now and she is gong back home now to find a real job :(

Again, froggie happy! love this smile on this kid! I got my cool high heels, a Noah's Ark, some books and puzzles and Boz videos (the only show i really enjoy) and a Princess castle! Oh yes and lots of candy! A funny is that she got a book about Jonah and she said Mommy i've gotta go get my Jonah boat- haha- i tried explaining that was the wrong story- it was Noah's Ark!

oh yes, i loved playing on Winnie's ipod!

the ladies and us under the tree Christmas morning!

our family with our special friends- Ivan and Winnie!

This was from our second Christmas Dinner- 2 little girls from Brother's class and a little boy from the playground :) I'm sporting my pretty red Christmas sweater

During their visit, Ivan and Winnie cooked dinner for us, which we ate way more of than Mommy's Christmas Dinner! Here i am eating some fish eye. After I ate it, I said, " Can i have more?! " haha

This was our Christmas/ New Year's Party with English Corner Students- i kept my hair bow in maybe 20 minutes???

here i have on my red pj's because the froggies (my favorites) were dirty. I'm beginning to enjoy all pj's that feel like the froggies- yup i wear them everyday! Here i am helping our friends act out the Christmas story! I usually am a sheep in the play and can "baaa" like the best of them!

I did not want to get lots of pictures taken like brother but i was more than happy to get my picture taken with Jack! WE love Jack! He is one of our friends who comes over to study English!

This is me - i'd rather pick my nose than get a family picture....

somehow, i changed my mind (not easy to do!) here we are! The Rymers :) Josiah is 4 and 1 month and I am 2 and 4 months!

This is our 5th party :) My teachers came over to party with us! And don't i look so pretty?!

We played Wii dance- my moves are getting really good!

love this picture of the little dancers!