Sunday, January 31, 2010

Tunnel Jo...& more

Josiah has homework for music class. We have not been real good about doing the homework in the past but thought we'd try to do some now. This semester the focus is "Things That Go"- one project for homework was to make a tunnel- what fun homework!
Josiah went from using the 'big' tunnel we made between the chairs to creating his own 'little' tunnel under the chairs for bunny and puppy...he is so creative!

& then to top it off we had a dance party

now mama is tired!

Dump Truck J & J

i couldn't resisit posting all these bc they were so cute- she just loooooves her brother. he is her absolute favorite person! she just watches him ALL the time and smiles and talks to him. he was real sweet here bc he actually felt like she was playing with him :)

Evie Joy 5 months

most of the time i'm real smile-E and happy and sweet
except the occasion when Mommy tries to sneak away and well, then i don't smell her and get kinda sad for a bit
these are just some random shots- nothing fancy
when i am put on my tummy, i usually just roll over

i discovered MY FEET! i really like my feet these days- i like to play with them and put them in my mouth, things like this.

i'm sleeping in the dining room these days, crying off and on for about an hour and then happily sleeping about 7 straight hours. this is a step up from the past few weeks of me getting up like i was a newborn. so, apparently me and my brother will have to learn how to live in small places and still get our space :)

Friday, January 22, 2010

eclair, church, harmonica JO

sometimes (well once so far) i eat eclair for breakfast

& it's yummy!

me, mommy, daddy & baby sis go to all kinds of different churches these days & well i'm just GREAT at running into my class & behaving myself & just havin a good ole' time!

big Daddy got me this harmonica, you see i love to play it & am getting into these days, stomping my feet while playing and fun stuff. these videos don't really show that bc in the first one, i think you are taking a picture and i'm saying cheese, picture...ha! and well in the second one, the camera is just plain distracting! so, maybe we'll try another one soon!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

everyday JOY

mommy thought, "what can ej do while i give jo a bath?"

we decided i liked to look at the mobile just like my brother when he was just a baby

you cant leave me these days for a minute- below is me after 5 minutes of being left on a mat- i was in the middle of the mat and i just scoot myself back somehow like below

i like to drool a lot

i love swingin in this swing, napping in it, playing it it- it's wonderful!

& i really like watching my brother play while doing some johnny jump up

btw, my 4 1/2 month stats: 23 3/4 inches, 12 lbs 12 ounces

Friday, January 8, 2010

everyday JO

so what do i do when my daddy is in China, I'm in America, it's snowing outside, I have a cold, a baby sister & I'm 2 years old.... i jump on pillows

I build blocks

talk on the phone with Big Daddy-i think he is a talking toy i'm pretty sure

play at friend Lily's house- she has a cool tent we played chase through so getting a picture was a little hard

i even graduated to sleeping in a big boy bed!
i'm such a good boy for my mama!

& I even save a little energy to play in my tent