Thursday, July 31, 2008

discovering the gate!

mobility skills

the attempt to capture jo's mobility: he does this scoot backwards, sit and turn deal, like a 3 point turn in a car over and over until he gets to his destination

2 more for you die hard fans:

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

random jo- ness

i think this is cute how he is crossing his hands
check out his crazy stickin up hair here
mommy, ha ha, try to change my diaper now!

Sunday, July 27, 2008

traveling man

the attempt to take jj up with us...

what happens when your kid is addicted to johnny jump up
i ended up on the floor! opps
dad tried to be the door post
this didn't last for long

dad tried to put me in the window
so he and mom compromised and i ended up like this

sweet josiah faces

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

yet, another carrier

okay, so i have way too many things to carry me around in, but i am a highly opinionated little fella, a non-conformist and if you had to carry me around a couple hours a day you might also try whatever you could find and people gave is our latest- i think i like the new adventure of traveling on mommy's back- i even fell asleep!!! which has not happened since i outgrew sleeping in my sling- here are some cute pics of me as always!

i like to put strange things in my mouth

carrotsfloor mats
the bottom of the bottle
& tags!

8 months old- Daddy is my Hero!

8 months news: I fall asleep by rolling back and forth between two stuffed animals until i finally stay on one side! i have said ba ba (which is da da in chinese--still no sign of a ma ma anywhere!) right now i'm lovin johnny jump up, i enjoy riding on buses. baby einstein is really cool...the strangest thing i've eattin is probably tofu- i'm not sure yet what i thought of it; i am currently reading 3 children's books in Chinese, but i have no idea what the titles are because they are all in hanzi and i'm just learning pinyin (thanks to my pinyin vcd!), my favorite cd is the Fisher Price dancin baby moves, i want to crawl really bad but just go around in a circle and backwards

Saturday, July 12, 2008

very bumpy road outting

today we were off for an adventure
we decided to try this carrier on mommy' s back
i seemed to like it okay
so, first we went on a very long bumpy bus ride
i love sleeping on our bus rides but this one was too bumpy for me to even sleep
it felt like a roller coaster (says mommy and daddy)
so we have no fun pictures of that experience
but here we are at our destination
lots of stairs to climb...

hangin out with the chicks...

hangin at our friends' house

she was sooo sweet to me
we play play played

music man jo

these are the first toys i have actually "played" with
rather than solely eat them
and i really made music

i'm cute and this is fun!

Thursday, July 10, 2008

this is my new favorite discovery- i'm doing this all the time now; daddy says i'm just exploring but really, we have no idea what provokes me to do these spastic head bobs but it sure is fun

for another video

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

river man jo

my uncle peeps and Pao (this is Auntie in another language but my Auntie hasn't given me permission to put her on my blog so for now we will call her Pao!) took me swimming and boy are they fun to play with!
at first i wasn't so sure about this