Monday, May 30, 2016

Easter 2016

Evie Joy made this Resurrection Story craft
She did a great job making it and also retelling it!

Playing, Working on her craft with pal Esther

attempting to get a good shot of all of them!

Super Cute Littles with their ties!

trying to get a shot of cute Judah!

Elijah kept moving!

Judah loves Scott

Kiddos at Kid's Club

Saturday, May 28, 2016

3 Beautiful Wonderful Judah things!

1. Judah is learning to say "YES, Mommy"!! I love this!  He says a lot of "No, No" and I have been more intentional of making him practice his "Yes, Mommy!" His countenance immediately changes and it is the most beautiful lovely sound!

2. He runs up to me every time he sees me, sometimes very few minutes and hugs me and says "Oh, Mommy!" ha! It has taken him a few weeks to catch on, but Daddy was trying to hit it hard with him to be gentle, practice "love" Mommy touching, not wrestle like with Daddy and brother!

3. He says "I poop pooped, change diaper!" Another one Daddy was trying for months to make him say and all the sudden he is communicating it so clearly!