Thursday, March 24, 2011

Taipei Day at the Beach 2

i loove this one of JO dancing!

close up of jo's black sand :)

we couldn't find real play in the sand toys so we used paper noodle bowls from 7-11, chopsticks and slurppe lids :)

EJ's black sand legs! ahhhh :)

Taipei Day at the Beach 1

we had the most beautiful sunny day to spend at a beach in Taipei in between our doctors visits. It wasn't necessarily a white sandy beach but there was tons of dark sand to play in and small waves for the kids to jump. They ran and played for hours, they had sooo much fun! It was such a gift to see them having so much fun!

Evie Joy loved laying and rolling in the sand...she was such a mess! Then she'd run around trying to wipe herself on me saying "towel" like i was her "towel"!

they helped a little on daddy's sand castle...

above- EJ is hilarious- these Chinese kids were playing and she saw this huge pile of dirt, thought it was a slide, jumped on it saying "did it!" they were scared and ran off to their mom, ha ha!
i took tons of pictures since it was such a great time so more to come soon!

evie joy dancing with mommy at the square

hahaha we have no idea what we are doing, but we sure are having fun! this is just a little tid bit of what happens every afternoon and night time on every square corner where we live!

we love our mimi & poppe!

this was a great shot before jo threw up that day all over the taxi and mommy and daddy and had to of course change his sweet outfit :)

Saturday, March 12, 2011

a little of the dinosaur museum with poppe until the batteries died

so me, poppe and daddy went to the dinosaur museum about an hour from my house

so this was some of our day
the battery in daddy's camera died a little early
but we had a good time
and we were super thankful for a fun day with poppe
poppe said that josiah only had a few international communication problems, ha poppe's perspective! by the time this is up, we sure will be missing you poppe!
thanks for coming to see us and for everything!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

a few of Evie Joy at the playground with Poppe!

she loves her poppe- she is always saying "where's my poppe?!"

some playground & poppe

me and daddy love to go to the diego playground and play on the zipline!
it was fun doing the zipline with poppe!
poppe did it too but um, mommy didnt' get pics of that, sorry blog world friends!

i loved playing with this little boy at KFC. We threw our bouncy balls, chased them, had a blast, also chatted about who really knows what?!

Monday, March 7, 2011

local food post

okay here are some fun local eating posts from mimi and poppe's visit... above- mini ice cream cones
a crowd pic while getting street food :)
we always draw a crowd!

hot dogs on a stick

eating out literally during winter time takes on a whole different meaning here
when we go out, we are still outside the entire time....
here we are eating hot pot with mimi and poppe

excited that he just swiped sissy's mushroom

hot pot!

don't know what ej is excited about but it's cute!

kids eating cow intestines!
mimi was very disturbed!

this is our new friend amy, she invited herself over to cook for us and it was really yummy

mimi, poppe and daddy with amy

and we couldn't leave out the fact that she played an intense game of candy land with us!