Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Intensity Award

 A life in the day of my girl! She is intense and I love her! She is only 6 weeks into 7 years old and she is a few weeks/days away from completing 2nd grade!  Josiah & I always joke that her brain is exploding because we can never quite stimulate her enough and she insists on so rapidly completing her assignments that then she often gets a headache ha…exploding brain problems!
 yesterday for example…she began her day teaching Judah some Preschool...
 maybe the Kungfu Panda ears will ease the head explosion…
completing her 2nd Grade work!
 played some basketball! after running to the sew lady...
 climbed some trees and skated with friends!

then she studied some Chinese…normal kid stuff….
did a half hour Insanity Workout, and woke up this morning and did a 10 minute bootcamp workout…and later we will run...this girl, i cannot keep up with her brain or body! ha! love her and so thankful for her!
 here is some of her last week with her Chinese

 and she loves building amazing structures….
and painting with friends and other various art projects
and planning up to 7th Grade lessons for her stuffed animals! 

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Judah's Travels!

 i went ahead and posted all these great pictures that Scott took because they are just so fun for Judah to keep! Judah loves Scott! And Judah loves traveling with Scott!  It's so sweet to see and hear his excitement talking about Scott and when he gets to hang out with him! And of course Daddy is his absolute favorite so traveling with them is great fun! And Judah really isn't too bad as a only child!

 He misses a lot of naps when traveling...