Friday, January 17, 2014

Judah 6 month Highlights!

Yippie Yippie Yay!  Judah has made it to 6 months! 
He was up all night sleeping next to us so we happily kicked him out and he is now happily sleeping all night in the office/school room!  He loves his new space!  Here are some pictures from the past month, ha, there do seem to be a lot once i got to uploading them all, but I think he is just too cute in all of them!  He received his 4 month shots at 5 1/2 months, 2 weeks ago.  Then he weighed 16 1/2 pounds and was 30 inches I think that was correct...I'm not always the best at remembering when it's time to convert
This is at a friend's wedding
 Cutie in Johnny Jump Up, loves to jump!

Sweet Big Sister Feeding and holding Judah

 Josiah is reading Bible stories to Judah and Evie Joy
 People love getting a photo with Judah!

He loves his chew toy from MiMi haha
 this is funny, he fell asleep in his jumper, which he never randomly falls asleep anywhere, must have really worn himself out that day!
Another Judah is famous I want my picture with him shot!
 LOVE his sweet smile here!  A little messy from eating- speaking of which, he loves eating food!  His favorites are apples and carrots.  He also has eaten sweet potatoes, zucchini, peaches and bananas.
Playing War with Brother and Sister!
 Apartment Searching with Brother and Sister...
 Above, this is how Mommy got a bath one day :)  Josiah entertained Judah 
 Here, EJ was watching Judah while Mommy was cooking and she said Mommy He keeps grabbing my paper haha! 
check out my 2 teeth!

 And these 2 just because he is so cute!
He's rolling a lot more and on the move scooting all around, of course he's frustrated bc he actually cannot crawl yet, ha, all my kids were that way, so mad and not satisfied to be still!  Today I sat him in the room watching Josiah play.  He was sitting in the Bumbo, I went and made the kids lunch, came back and Judah was on the floor moving around.  Josiah said he got out and wanted to play?!  ha!  He didn't scream or fuss so I guess he didn't hurt himself doing it!  He still loves to watch and listen to the Gospel Praise Videos!  That is his favorite!

He is beginning to make noises that are almost short words, like "Bro" for Brother and "Da" for Daddy.  Of course Josiah has been coaching him regarding the "Bro"

He still doesn't like a paci, He is very social and becoming more playful, which is very fun!

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Mimi and Poppe Rymer said...

Wow! 6 months already! You are growing so quickly! Can't wait to see you again! You have the best big brother and big sister ever!!