Thursday, April 24, 2014

Judah loves 8-9 months!

 Judah absolutely loves riding in the buggy for runs!  
He doesn't always fall asleep ha, but here it was a little late!
 Here he is enjoying pancakes! love those cheeks! 
 Superman Judah!
 Riding in the buggy with Brother and Sister!
 Playing Dress up with Brother and Sister!
 Some more buggy rides with Brother and Sister 
and below, across the #4 bridge in our city!

 Here he was loving playing at the playground at the hot pot restaurant, he loves all the little playgrounds at McDonalds and KFC! 

another dress up!
 eating his first hot pot! had quail egg yolks, potatoes and tofu and a little baozi!  
Well, happy 9 months to Judah! 
 I have no idea what his stats are!
He loves buggy runs which is great!
He can take 2 steps! 
He loves to explore and get into everything possible!
He is off and on again with sleep.  Right now he enjoys sleeping with Brother and Sister but soon he will be back to his own room until he gets a little bigger! 
He loves bananas! 
Will not take a bottle or cup yet! And no paci! geesh!
His 6th tooth has come out! 4 up top and 2 on the bottom!

Easter Attempts With 3

 both wanted to hold Judah, ha so we took turns!

 it's hard to get all them looking, smiling, eyes open...

 I do think they are so cute looking at one another!

 Judah um, wanted some milk, ha! over the pictures Mommy!

I don't know which is my favorite, so I'm just posting them all for their keepsake!  And they are inside bc our Easter is spent sharing Easter in our home with guests upon guests so we don't get out that day to some lovely place, but I'm so glad my kids have such a significant reason why their Easter pics are inside!  Love you guys! Thanks for trying to give Mommy a picture!

Friday, April 18, 2014