Monday, March 30, 2009

"making" your pants "split-pants"

(and yes i'm studying some chinese :))
Mom found these cute little overalls for pretty cheap so she got them for me
but when she got home, she saw this handy little sticker helping with instructions to "split" my pants, ha ha! this is how most kids wear their pants here but i don't and normally when she buys pants, the sales person explains to her how she can split them, but she doesn't- but the sticker is definitely a first, so we wanted to share!

Friday, March 27, 2009

A day of visiting some friends

this is me at the minority shop that makes & sells baby carriers
we try to make friends with this nice lady behind me
this is my pal and his mama at the light store
i love playing at the light store- i like to push all the buttons
& run around
these 2 girls are my friends- every time we go to their parent's lil' restaurant, they feed me and play with me and we have a good time

these veggie sellin ladies love me!

it's getting late JO

this is so much fun!

some friends actually took this video of me acting a little crazy. before i go to bed, i get to run around with no clothes and i love it! sometimes i twirl so much, like here, that i get dizzy. fun!

Monday, March 23, 2009

teething fever jo

this weekend i didn't feel so good...but eating popsicles sure did make me feel better :)

modeling gig 16 months

the picture place took me out to a village to have a photo shoot
i wasn't real excited about it, but here are a few shots from my experience
yup that's a water buffalo walking by!
we hope they will give us access to some photos for my services
that we can share later; Click here to see some we took

Sunday, March 22, 2009

sweet old man & super excited daddy

There are many older people who live on our campus and they love to see Josiah! Sometimes they yell at us about the way we do things (this week the big thing is Jo keeps taking his socks off so we get yelled at, but i finally communicated that he is being naughty and takes them off himself, so then they are more graceful towards me), but they yell at us less than they before :) Mostly, they just light up with huge grins when they see Jo; it is so sweet! For example, today we went just down the street for a few minutes to a store and we must have seen about 50 people smile just because they saw Jo. It is amazing! We have seen this old man a few times this week. Today Jo was having a sweet time visiting with him so i took a few pics.
a deep conversation
the old man's smile is so sweet!
& Jo is having such a good time!
This is super excited Daddy. This is my blog but i wanted to share how excited Daddy is-
he found Mountain Dew in the store! It is important to note that the Coke here tastes a bit different and so after trying the MD, it was a bit different, but nonetheless, it was an exciting discovery.
& because this is my blog, this is what i was doing while Daddy was super excited!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

the cute little shoe shining girl

This sweet little girl is the daughter of a shoe shining lady. She has to spend all day everyday in front of Happy's with her Mom. When she takes naps, she takes them on her Mom's back and when she plays, it is with whatever she can find laying around to play with. Every time Mom walks by, her heart is touched and she just cannot imagine working like that everyday with me on her back. So, today Mom's class was canceled and we all went out for a walk. And the little girl's nap time must have been over- so we stopped to play for awhile. In this first picture, she is so cute trying on her Mommy's work vest.

she was so sweet to me

Above- this is Daddy capturing me after i ran off to get into stuff!

And here are people enjoying the strange little foreigner upside down. You can see people in front of me, behind daddy and behind me all looking at me. This is pretty normal.

And this is me just having a blast!

This little girl behind me wanted so much to be my friend
but i wouldn't give her the time of day.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

some things i like these days

So, i am now 16 months old! I don't know what that means, but I thought I should write a post. Um, these days I like to climb on things, that is fun! I discovered climbing in my chair and on the couch...I like to jump on the bean bag chair and pillows. I love this show on the Chinese baby channel called Zhi Hui Shu- Wisdom Tree! They sing and dance and do fun little kid things. I call just about every animal a duck or a dog. Today i was walking around doing the sign for "more" while saying "shoe" - we don't know what that means. I am currently getting a few teeth in and that's not fun! I like to walk backwards but i'm always bumping into things, yet i never learn my lesson- and i'm always getting new bruises- bless me, i have like 8 on my face right now because i'm always running into things, jumping into things like the wall, walking backwards into get the idea! And i still love to read. I read for maybe 1-2 hours everyday!
I really like to play musical instruments- i have a recorder and i like to blow into it, but i don't really know how to make notes. I like to play the guitar (above) and i have a little keyboard that i play everyday and dance to. I also have little hand drums and a musical phone. And i love to dance to music (previous post).
I decided i like these icy drinks from Happy's! Here I am stealing some of Mom and Dad's but i think soon they will have to just buy me my own. Also the other day i had my first Popsicle. And as we walked by the locals (i was in my buggy eating my Popsicle), the locals were commenting on how lihai i was- which means i'm fierce (ha) and it can mean I'm really cool too! I'm glad i could impress them :) It was quite the mess- half my face was purple, but we didn't have our camera, sorry. You can see above though i have some rice cake stuck to my face, ha! I like to eat these as a snack but they aren't healthy like the ones in Am, they are very sweet so i'm pretty sure they aren't healthy! But, i like them!

praise dancin JO

Sundays are our family worship day. Well Mommy and I always start a little earlier with praise time til Daddy comes to join us. This week, Mommy decided to put in the praise portion of Silverdale's Easter from 2007- Well, I loved it! Mommy left the room and returned to me waving my hands in the air, stomping my feet, clapping, get the idea- so she went to get her camera and tried to capture a bit. We can only make small videos so you get idea- but really, i loved it- she played the whole worship service back for me and i danced through it all a second time :) She even tried to point out Poppi and Jimmy to me, but i was more interested in the grooving- Thanks for a blast all you 2007 Easter worshippers!

Friday, March 13, 2009

Suntrays' Indoor Play Fun

So, it got too cold and wet to play outside so mommy and daddy took me to the local chicken place (which says they sell hamburgers but they are really chicken sandwiches)
and we played and played
this is the big picture of the play place
it's really dirty and a bit unsafe but
mommy and daddy were sure to watch close after me

here i go....

& I was so proud i made the climb to the top!
i loved going down the slide!

here is a video of me going down the slide all by myself, it was so much fun!


Wednesday, March 11, 2009

a random day

we decided we were gonna go out somewhere to play across town. well, it wasn't too cold, but not ideal weather. it was raining a bit, but we have a rain cover for our buggy (from AM) and so we just used that and the old men on our campus who saw us were commenting what a "good idea" this was! THIS IS A FIRST!!! Anything we ever do "different" than they do, we are scolded for, so this was a very UNIQUE day!
Because it was a bit cold and rainy, we ended up being almost the only people out to play...until finally this little boy came along. He was really friendly, but he kept tackling me. Below, he is about to push me down again! So, we didn't get to "play" very long before my cute little face was scraped all up and we called it quits.

This is what i look like with my super duper snowsuit on. I look ridiculous and if it were up to daddy, i wouldn't even wear so much but mom thinks it gets cold just sitting so long esp. when it's damp...but when it was playtime, she of course let me take it off!

We definitely did too much for the little fella this day- he fell asleep on us twice while we were out- Once in the buggy and the second time while mommy was wearing him in the taxi for dinner at a local's home- but his little sleepy face is so cute!

Monday, March 9, 2009

finally a little warm to play outside!

The past couple days it finally warmed up enough to play outside. 3 Weeks ago it dropped 30 degrees and it stayed that way for 3 weeks, yuck! Also, I'm sorry to all my fans out there for no posts last week. Our computer died for 4 out of 8 days and then i was doing some cute and fun things only to find out the camera battery was dead :( So, here are some pics of me playing outside. Yesterday i also went to the market with Daddy but it's kinda a busy outing for pictures- but these veggie seller ladies are always asking for me to come so they happily offered me a tomato and an onion to snack on, but daddy wouldn't let me eat them.
rocks are always fun
i rode my car backwards for like 5 minutes, ha

but i did have fun pushing it all over the place
and this lasted quite a long time!

i found some trash to play with!

and i couldn't quite figure out this straw stuck in the ground

and for fun, this is what me and mommy look like on our steep 'trek' up the hill to the track
we are hoping now that i am only taking one nap, we can get out and play in the mornings at different places around our lil' city