Thursday, September 30, 2010

evie joy 1 year old photos

these are Evie Joy's One Year Old Album pics- she was teething real bad that day as you can tell she always has something in her mouth...but some of them still turned out pretty good just no big smiles like she normally has AND Josiah was such an awesome participant- too bad it wasn't his birthday :) ha ha

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

our friend Tina

this is our friend Tina, she is our new friend. She is very kind to us. We really like to play with her. We went to her house last week too. She has a kitty cat and we had fun playing with her yo yo and eatting moon cakes :) She likes to come to our house and play with us. Thank you God for such a nice friend!

Evie Joy 13 months jumping off the couch!

i don't really have "my jump" down but i'm learning :)

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Evie Joy & her communication skills...

so in case you haven't been informed there is this thing called a pickle- you stick your two fingers together, one from each hand and someone breaks your pickle :0 it's a game, ej and jo love it. it is especially cute to see ej's pickle- she does like the palm of one hand and the finger of another. of course, it's hard getting her on camera, but here is a shot! also, she loves pat a cake, she "rolls" it with the best of them! again, hard to get on camera. she also is super cute when she "wipes it off" see Big Daddy taught Jo to "wipe it off" when he falls down to get over it fast, EJ learned this skill along the way and when we tell Jo to wipe it off, she does also.

She also says Nana, Ball, Ugh OH, shoes, All done and does the sign for All done and then stands in her chair to be let down- if she is not let down, she continues eatting while standing, if she is let down she gets down and then still asks to eat for more- so not quite understanding the concept of all done! she is getting quite good at her animal sounds- woof, moo, roar (really gets into this one!), ooh ooh, ahh, ahh, we are again quite proud of our child walking around day and night practicing animal sounds :) what a delight :)

Mid Autumn Festival 2010

Moon Cakes, that's what we kidos know that Mid Aut Festival is about!
We went to our fav lil' restaurant and our Ayi gave us each a mooncake, we have no idea what was inside but we ate it up! please note, mouth full of mooncake :)
i love her contemplative look :)

oh yeah says EJ!

& here is Jo and Daddy sword fighting with chopsticks! the locals loved it!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Preschool JO

We survived! 45 students, no English, 1 confused little boy
2 days behind us now
day 1 was a bit overwhelming, but day 2 was a Super Success! A delight! As you can see :)
We are so proud of you JO!
For the past week he has been running around practicing his first Chinese sentence "ta bu yao" which means "he doesn't want" bc that is what he hears others say about him getting his face touched. it cracks us up. after the first day of preschool he learned "jia you" which means "add oil"- it is their cheer- their only cheer- it means keep going....
he was the king of the dancing exercises :)

this little girl was his "dance partner"

yup, he's cute sitting at his seat...but please check out how they go potty- in a bucket in the back

at one point he was suppose to be listening to the teacher but instead him and this little girl were so cute playing together at the table, talking about something

this is something- they are returning from "wash hands time" they don't really "line up" here

here is a video of Jo dancin away- i can't really get my videos up on blogger so i'm trying youtube, hope it works ok. dancin is definitely his international language :)

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Opps, I didn't know he was going potty

Josiah (and please take note that he put his shoes on backwards) just saw this kid squatting and went over and squatted next to him to make friends, not realizing he was going potty, ha ha

all things Evie JOY

Big Brother gets to ride the sheep everytime we go our little girl is getting bigger, she also likes to ride the sheep :)

daddy was laying down on the floor and it was so cute, ej went over and laid beside him and then jo came along too :)

just a big smile!

EJ got her 1 year pics taken Chinese style. The official photos will be back in 2 weeks but here are just a few of her dress up day :)

all the staff wanted a pic with the kidos