Friday, September 25, 2009

i love bath time

i love bath time! i finally got to soak in some bubbling goodness! i didn't fuss at all! daddy says i'm such a girl because i like to soak in the tub!


Josiah 22 months, cousin Abigail 7 weeks, Evie Joy 3 weeks

this is Josiah saying "help please"
we think Abigail was thinking the same thing!

MiMi and Poppe with all their grandkids! They love us!
& Jo holding Abigail's hand
Josiah pretending to be excited about the babies

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Jo entertaining himself

Evie Joy- 3 weeks

Josiah slept like this as a baby too- i just love it- how she's just chillin with her little hands bent by her head!
And here i was a little fussy so mommy put me to sleep while doing walk away the pounds video! i'm a good exercise partner!

Friday, September 18, 2009

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Mostly Evie Joy and Jo looking so cute after family speaking

above- looking so cute snuggled up in my sling!
below- looking so sweet sleeping on my pillow
today we all 4 went to share with the Prime Timers at our church-
below- Jo is saying "Help, Please" as I try to take a
cute shot of them both in their cute Chinese outfits!

note- they both pooped while taking these shots!

I tried to take a few of how cute she looked in her little outfit

and she looks so sweet taking a nap later!

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Born to be an Oriole Fan Jo

Mommy wanted to take pictures of me in my cute outfit Big Daddy bought me!
Here's me havin fun at the playground!

Evie Joy- I made it to 2 weeks!

I'm so cute when i sleep!

Yippie! I made it to 2 weeks old! I weigh 8 pounds 13 ounces! I like to sleep, eat and poop! I'm doing good sleeping in my bassinet at night for 5 hours so far :) I like to hang out in the sling and bounce on the ball. I was born with at tooth already coming in- that's crazy!

This is talented Mommy bouncing me and Jo on the ball at one time!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Go Diego!

This is Jo dancing along to the opening song of Diego- we think he enjoys this more so than the show- today he decided a tool was a musical instrument too

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Funny Tales

This is me and my friend Issac eating lasagna Big Daddy made us! When i saw Evie Joy laying on her play mat, I was so cute
just looking at her, checking things out!
Then I just wanted to rub her sweet little hands (which I really like to do these days!)
& then I got a little adventurous and climbed in and out :)
Auntie Michelle came over to play with us
I made her practice multi-tasking - hold baby, read to me :)

MiMi and Poppe had fun holding Evie Joy

Here are a few funny tales:
Baby's 1st or 2nd day home, Jo patted the bean bag bed and said, "baby, jump jump!"
The next day, he put a car on her head.
We here him often practicing saying, "baby, waaa..."
This weekend he declared cherry tomatoes are balls & Cheerios are tools. Then, today he felft the baby needed a wrench to swing with!
Jo has also been cracking us up these tells by telling us "No No" when we do certain things he's not allowed to- ha ha! He is too funny!
We loooove our kids and hope we bring a smile to your face by sharing a glimpse into our world!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Daddy Fun

this is daddy trying to put away the bean bag bed
& me havin some fun
this is daddy tryin to do some school work
& me havin some fun

this is daddy teaching me how to play tee ball i understood the ball needed to come off the tee, but didn't quite get that the bat did the job, not my hand

getting the bat hitting the ball concept...kinda!- really i hit the tee with the bat and made the ball fall off

what is this thing for? my head?

well, i'm learning! but today i did go out and actually hit the ball with the bat immediately! so there is some progress!