Monday, December 28, 2009

Christmas through Evie Joy's eyes

above- me & mimi; below- me & cousin Abigail (5 months)

i loved Leigh Anna playing with me!

& even Uncle Leland

me & Pappaw on Christmas Eve

me, mommy & daddy at Pappaw's

me & brother Josiah on Christmas morning
absolutely love getting his attention!

cute Christmas outfit from Aunt Josephine

we all spent the night at MiMi & Poppe's house
This is their cool tree, it turns and everything!

poop all over cute outfit so changed outfit- Mumaw sent me this one, but it was a little cold so had to wear the TN socks :)- me, Abigail & Pappaw

this is what i did while they ate breakfast

This is my family Christmas pic! Daddy, Mommy, Brother Jo & me- Evie Joy's Frist Christmas December 25, 2009

I LOVE MICHELLE! She is the best Auntie ever! I love her to just sit and talk to me and any psycho-babble she prefers! Her voice mesmerizes me!
She came to our house Christmas evening for dinner and worship!

This is my cool new Bumbo chair from Big Daddy! I love it!

Monday, December 21, 2009

Evie Joy in her pretty Christmas dress

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

above-me and uncle travis playing; below- with MiMi at the Cmas party

above- me, chloe & aunt josephine (pappaw's sister)...check out those cheeks below

25 months JO

i'm still into dancin! this is me & auntie michelle dancin to the wiggles

this is me playing my new favorite game "sleep"
i get blanket, pillow, bunny & elephant out and read books to whoever plays with me

above- this is me at mimi and poppes' in the johnny jump up. i like to try all the infant seats/toys they set out for abigail and evie joy but it's alright bc i don't weih 25 pounds yet :)
below- this is me eatting a COOKIE with my distant cousin Chloe, sister Evie Joy & Great Aunt Josephine (she is Pappaw's Sister). We were at the extended family Christmas in Cleveland & I sure had a blast!

These days i'm really into trying to practice my abc's (sometimes i skip a few letters though) and counting (sometimes i skip a few numbers too)! I am finally saying "Yes!" Mommy and Daddy love this!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

MiMi got a few better fam shots for us!

December 2009- Mommy, Daddy, Evie Joy & mintie fresh Jo

zoomed in on sweet Evie Joy at 3 1/2 months old!
thanks MiMi for the help!

Evie Joy with Grandaddy & Grandma Betty

thank you for coming over and playing with me! i had so much fun! we played, talked, laughed for like 2 hours! what a great time!

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Mommy Pic with us!

a sweet lady at our church was taking preschool kid's pictures and offered to take a picture of us with our mommy- this is Josiah at 22 months & Evie Joy at 1 month

fun times with Leanne & Gabe

this is Gabe. He turns two Dec. 27- he is the son of my Mommy's Bethel daughter Leanne. he came over to play with me last week- we had a good time!

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

music class

i go to music class every tuesday- my friend issac is in my class too
thanks big daddy for paying for my music class! i love it!

a whole bunch of music class videos for big daddy

Monday, December 7, 2009

i'm a cutie after 2 but i'm not sure about these family shots

the past 2 weeks when my sister cries, i run over to check on her - it's sweet & a few times i even crack mom & dad up bc i've said "Oh NO, paci!" & i stick her paci back in her mouth!
i absolutely love animals - they've tried to video all my sounds but it's just not as good as in person. i say them all correctly except a zebra- for some reason i call it a feida or huida- we cannot really understand bc i make the zzzz sound fine otherwise?! & as you know i love to watch and dance to the wiggles but i cannot say wiggles; i call them goodles- again, we don't know why, we just know when josiah wakes up, he says "watch goodles" over and over! i've also been working on my break dancin skills so hopefully we'll have a video of that soon!

i love playtime with my daddy!

yup, i'm handsome!

but ugh, i didn't want this picture taken for some reason

& here i was okay but my sister decided to CRY
oh well, you still get an idea of what our family looks like
me 2 years and 3 weeks and ej 3 months and 1 week