Saturday, March 31, 2012

our new fighter verses

a little bit of March Preschool Dancing!

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

What does Evie Joy do at Preschool?

The Answer: She doesn't do much of anything! Her class is all about survival! She has 2 teachers who sometimes have 1 helper for 25-30 2 year olds. Whenever i drop her off or pick her up there are at least 4 kids crying! This is during 'dance time' yet Evie Joy and her classmates are more like 'standing' rather than 'dancing'!

so here is 'take a walk' time- pretty sure this is what they do for the bulk of their school morning time.

Evie Joy loves being teachers favorite!

here she said "Mommy you need to leave!" and so i did :)

I love that she really enjoys going to school even though it seems like a whole lot of nothing to us! I love that she is finally to the point that she says Mommy leave and is okay- it is such a blessing to know she is loved and cared for and enjoying herself!

Thursday, March 22, 2012

playdate with Wynonnia

This is our friend Wynonnia. She comes over sometimes and plays with us. Last weekend she came over and it was really pretty outside so Jo asked if we could walk through the farms :) He kept asking for where the animals were but we had to explain to him that they keep their animals at their houses not in big fields like we do in the states. But we did enjoy walking through the crop paths. The kids are bigger this year so that made it more enjoyable and we caught a day that the land was actually dry, another big plus! So, we actually enjoyed our little hike out back! In the first picture, you can see our super tall apt building behind the fields! We love our view! especially seeing the beauty of Spring bursting out!

these kids crack me up with Jo's bent leg and EJ bouncing all over the place! Love em!

Sunday, March 18, 2012

picnic fun! Spring is coming!!!!

it reached the 70's this weekend! Not sure how that happened, we completely bi-passed the 60's- we were just thankful to be in 50's but hey we are super thankful for the sunshine and it reaching 70! We went to Da Zi Ran Park and had a picnic with our friend Dou Dou's family!

We ran into one of our neighbor's there and he wanted a pic...note Dou Dou is such a stylish friend :)

Dou Dou brought his IPad :) What everybody needs on a picnic!

We are loving the beautiful yellow flowers! They are everywhere!

WE played for hours in the hammock. Um, not too many pics bc we had to keep safe from the hundreds of other spectators who came and took a picture and keep safe from falling out...

really loving the grilled quail eggs :)

cute sissy in the hammock!

random grilling pic!

Evie Joy card & pic from class!

There is my sweet Evie Joy who bit her teacher we must remember in class. But she sure does look sweet :) She didn't come home like Josiah with a bunch of crafts- I'm assuming they didn't get the opportunity to do such- I cannot imagine having 7 Evie Joy's all day, yikes! But just wanted to remember her love for class and her pic and card!

Josiah's artwork from class in Thailand

This is just a display of some items Josiah brought home with him from class in Tland. I know they might get thrown out so i wanted a sweet memory of them, especially his handprint and the note from his teacher! He really loved attending class and still talks about his teachers, very sweet!

Friday, March 9, 2012

10 days in Thailand sun and animals!

loving throwing some rocks!

climbing the rocks in a waterfall!

the big guys went way out and ej stayed on the bank :)

us in the hotel room...

loved playing in the closet

our palace, it was way nicer than expected because we got our own room but it was a bit dirty and moldy which we are use to and there was of course a mouse in our room a few nights which caused some sleeplessness and bed bugs that bit us up every night, ugh...the pains of traveling :) ha!

at the zoo, ej enjoyed feeding the deer

random huge fish at the zoo...

josiah feeding the elephants! ej was too afraid to feed them!

Evie Joy was pretty much not as excited about interacting with the elephant as Jo!

these elephants were super talented, they played soccer, basketball, painted, danced :)

us on our elephant ride!

swimming at the pool!

Evie Joy didn't like the cold water in the pool so Daddy bought her a little Poo pool that just fit her - of course she felt like a little Princess and loved playing in it!

we loved the Night Safari- you weren't suppose to take flash pics while on the tour but here we are on some fake zebras :) we got to feed giraffes and elephants and throw food at zebras, can't feed them by hand because they have poor eyesight and might eat your hand, fyi :) we saw tigers and bears and monkeys and alligators and deer and kangaroos....

we got our picture with these guys because they are the "move it move" movie guys!

got the kiddos a few cute aka outfits...ej loved dress up with her teachers last week in class (oh yes need to mention she bit her teacher, sad- but she loved going, she cried when class ended and threw a fit one day bc she didn't want to go to bfast before class- she just wanted to go to class...her teachers said she was smarter than all the other kids her age in class and agreed it just makes her naughtier oh dear!)but she didn't let mama take a on the other hand was very willing to take a pic...

the end for now, thank you for checking in and catching up...we are glad to be home (we kept speaking Chinese to the Thai people oh dear!) even though we returned to Winter still but Spring is around the corner so we are looking forward to our Preschool here, home-Preschool with Mommy and lots of anticipated fun play times at local parks