Thursday, March 28, 2013

Josiah March Homeschool!

 the sun was a little bright for great photos!  We were learning about measuring a cup, pint, quart and gallon with dirt- using the gravel parking lot dirt!  We loved it!
 Chinese tutor, learning how to say "throw the ball" "catch the ball"....

 learning our calendar and alphabet!

 love these cuties!

 they were making the words Jo knows how to spell
 with Chinese tutor, learning important things about trains and cars and making families with trains and cars!

 Josiah loves the Geography/ History Lessons that have cooking object lessons.  Below, he is making Potato Pie from the Europeans in the 1700's.  We were learning about William Carey during this time period and Josiah said his name is like "Carrot"!  ha! 

And we've been doing a bit of beginning reading!  Here are a couple of his first books- 
Pam, Tap and the 3rd one is called Tim!  
The other book is a picture book he had to write a story for!  
 For Science, We learned how the liquid soap expands, wraps around the air we blow out our blow to make a bubble- the bubbles we see our pockets of air! 

Evie Joy March Homeschool...

 so i've been meaning to do this for a while, that is actually write letters on clothespins to match with word cards.  i saw it online a year ago and at the time i couldn't find clothespins so when i did, we were leaving the country- Eric asked me what are those for?!  ha!  so i finally sat down and made the pins for the word cards and the kids, especially Evie Joy loves practicing finding the letters and matching them to the correct cards and teaching her animals- here she is teaching Panda!
 We learned how to measure a cup, pint, quart and gallon with dirt! yup it was a fun dirty sweaty of a time!

learning how to say important things playing with a ball in Chinese!

learning Chinese by making roads, playing with cars and trains!
practicing my name on the big white board!
learning my letters!

with a little help from big brother!

love me some painting! 
 For Science, We learned how the liquid soap expands, wraps around the air we blow out our blow to make a bubble- the bubbles we see our pockets of air! 

 Our friend gave us this book called Never Board Kid Book 2 and EJ loves it...she has averaged completing 5 pages/day this week!
And here...this is not school...Josiah and I were doing school and she was busy with cars!

Monday, March 25, 2013

Who would have thought- soccer in the ditch!

We didn't plan to play soccer in the ditch, but it ended up being a super great place for the kiddos to practice dribbling the soccer ball back and had built in bumpers like a bowling lane for beginners and so the ball didn't get kicked far off where huge holes, chickens, cars might be and other unnamed objects...they loved this! I hope we can do it more to give them the opportunity to really practice and get some good energy out.  Jo would run alongside EJ beside the ditch when it was her turn so he ran up and back about 20 times...She took breaks when it was his turn! :)

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

We LOVE Swords and Starwars!

found some cheap light up swords (i'm sure they will only last a few days), had a few good days at Preschool so we got this as a reward to take home and beat Daddy up!  haha!