Friday, November 21, 2008

all in a day around my town

i went to visit a few of my friends- together we practiced walking, babbling, singing
kids where i live wear split pants and their parents take home living animals for dinner

i met this little girl- my mommy gets tired just carrying me like this- she cannot imagine having to carry the fruit load also...these oranges are very tasty by the way

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

hats and balloon

notice that i had to change clothes after too much food on the first outfit-
we were excited to find this warm hat and gloves in my bday box

and then, surprise, there is another one!

mimi sent me a bday package and i really enjoyed playing with this balloon

happy birthday to me! i still have a package from my big daddy coming so i'll let you know how it all works out for me! now, i'm off to the village!

birthday highlights

this is backwards, sorry i'm not a blogger expert-
i got this musical pig as a gift from some friends
peeps watch teddy ruxpin with me (a gift from HBC)above- i played with the icing for like 10 minutes
below- finally started tearing my cupcake apart but wasn't too much into eatting it

at the beginning of the day, hanging out with peeps

i want milk

this is me saying "milk" in sign language

Saturday, November 15, 2008

I finally can put my toys away!

daddy has been waiting for the day i started picking up my own toys...well, finally i can!

i finally do not just destroy or tear down or take things out or off...i actually can pick things up and place them in and on...i'm beginning to build- sometimes i'm a little obsessive about it and i keep organizing and reorganizing the buckets of toys, but every evening i successfully pick up all my toys all by myself! Happy Birthday to me!

next step up-walking across the room

couldn't decide which one but since they are so short, you can watch both :)

Thursday, November 13, 2008

a new little pal

we were eatting out and this little boy starting playing with me through the window; i was really enjoying him, laughing and playing so we just wanted you to see my new little pal

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

the why's and how's of bunnies on my feet

daddy says i look like i'm doing the electric slide (below)
as you can see, i've got bunnies on my feet. i am highly opinionated and do not like anything on my feet so i am taking my bunnies off quite often and then my socks of course- so the question remains, how m & d are gonna keep these bunnies on my feet...and then, why? did m get bunnies for my feet? Well, my feet are VERY COLD; i slip and slide with my only socks and the bunny slippers are very warm if we could only figure out HOW to keep them ON!

Sunday, November 9, 2008

tunnel fun for me

mom tried to be industrious and she found these cloth laundry baskets at this one fancy store and she got the street side sewing ladies to cut and sew 2 of them together to make me a play tunnel; at first, i was a little hesitant but now i'm traveling through happily

Monday, November 3, 2008

Saturday, November 1, 2008

a few of the many family shots

this is a traditional outfit this little kid my age's gma actually hand-made for him
this is really my outfit below- one of our friend's mom gave it to me as a gift when i was born and we think it will fit this winter so you'll be seeing more of me in this! don't i look like a little emperor!

and this is just silly mom making us take wedding photos

me with dad and me with mom- as you can tell i was much happier with dad, wonder why?! wasn't his idea to force me to an ALL day photo shoot!

happy birthday month to me!

here are a couple solo shots of me at our ALL day photo shoot...

i did smile a few times!