Monday, May 30, 2011

funtimes at Preschool with bff Bei Bei

the past 2 months josiah has loved Chinese Preschool because his little friend Bei Bei is always right by his side! Sometimes I'm pretty sure his over-energetic self overwhelms her, but she doesn't mind too much! His teachers think it is so cute how they always want to be together and hold hands...
This is Josiah dancing to a beat to his own drummer...if that is how the saying goes? i'm always messing up those sayings!

that's Bei Bei to the left of Josiah and Josiah just dancing along :)

i love how all the kids really try to follow the teacher except Josiah who just makes up his own moves!

i think he looks like he is enjoying class way more than the other - follow- the teacher's moves - kids :)

Bei Bei & Jo :)

taking a break

Bei Bei moved this week so we are pretty sad about that :(

but we are thankful for the good times!

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Evie Joy dance at the square with Mommy

this is from a few weeks ago but i thought it was still cute :) sorry if you are dizzy after watching

EJ dancing gal

of course while Jenny was here, EJ had to take her dancing :)

& again so thankful for Jenny's pics since normally it is just EJ & Mommy's date to go dancing :)

i love how she is dancing with this little girl

all the 'real' dancers behind us :)

May Chinese Preschool 3

May Chinese Preschool 2

May Chinese Preschool 1

Friday, May 27, 2011

josiah & his chopsticks

evie joy driving!

i wanted to be sure to record this because this is a frequent occurrence but usually no one is around to take a picture and since jenny was here, we were able to 'capture' our moment :)

these are just a taste of some of our fun pics from this week :)

we have tons to share! our friend jenny came to visit and of course our kiddos had sooo much fun taking her around to some of our favorite spots...

here are a few favs from the rock park!

hopefully we'll get more up soon for all your viewing pleasure! love to all!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

outting with Du Du

hahaha we went back to pick some strawberries- we went really close to the house so hopefully no travel through poison ivy...but it was a super muddy so not as enjoyable...thankfully there is this random car wash on the way back to the street and they allowed us to wash our shoes there!

Align Center we went to mommy's teacher's house and played and ate

Mommy made jaozi with her teacher Jennifer :)

Sissy tried a little, cooking is really her thing!

Du Du, Jo & EJ playing at Du Du's house!

EJ enjoying some bone! haha!

Sunday, May 15, 2011

sharing Thomas at English Corner

it was so cute at English Corner, Josiah first got everyone to attempt playing "duck duck goose" but the space was definitely too small. Then, he ran into his room and got a train for each person and they all played thomas- the kids were so excited to make such a huge train :) they love it when people come over, they run to the door and open it and welcome everyone in! its' so sweet!

Friday, May 13, 2011

2011 Mother's Day!

we were invited to our friends' (the curtain ladies) house on Mother's Day for lunch (well and dinner but we only went for lunch) We were served turtle, rabbit, eel, tongue among many other interesting items. Evie Joy loved these little fruits - it was served like a sweet soup, kinda like little plums. she was really into them and ate a lot of the above mentioned items, yes a lot! you think your kid's diaper is bad, well feed them some of this stuff ahhh :)

josiah and evie joy love playing at the curtain shop!

josiah is 3 1/2 here and ej is 21 months (the same age jo was when ej was born- how time flies!)

love their little feets!

they were way passed naptime but having so much fun

my cute little dirty messes!

she is really into shoes! she loves putting on everyones shoes. she cracks me up here in brother's thomas shoes on the wrong feet in her pretty dress!

my very handsome son!

just playing around!

love these kiddos! a happy mothers day it was to me!
i got to play a few hours of "sleep" with them that night too, haha! ej is really into playing "sleep" with her babies and animals and all of us :)