Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Some things I just love about Evie Joy- post 2 years!

This is my precious Evie Joy dressed up- she says she is a cowboy! :)

And here she is all ready to go after a great day at Chinese Preschool! Love that girl!

I was thinking a few weeks back about the many things i so love about Evie Joy these days so i made a list and wanted to record them here also:
~I love it when she says "No Brother Don't do that!"
~"I didn't poo poo, I just farted!"
~she breaks out into singing "You Yi Wei Shen!"
~says "Obey Mommy DAddy!"
~"no, i not tired"
~"I exercising"
~"okay" with a nod
~"yeah-s" (yes)
~"I do it myself!"
~"Please, can I have milk"
~"Xiao Mama guo lai"
~"MiMi, I eat my booger"
~On the plane "In China, I buy my squeaky shoes"
~"Mommy, I'm sorry, I didn't mean to hurt you"
~to Llama " I love you, sit in your chair, eat your dinner"

I love her sweet kisses and her "thank yous"

Most recently
~God of Jesus "This is My Son, I am so proud for him" ( in a deep Darth Vader type voice)
~"I not little, I just right!"
~looking in the mirror "I so pretty, I xiao mei nu"

She reads books for hours a day. She loves studying and practicing her Chinese- these things are awesome :) She also loves Boz, the friendly bear- the only show she will watch :) Mama is happy she likes to watch something at least and for our sweet friends who have sent us Boz to enjoy!

And I Love to hear her sing OH HOW I LOVE JESUS! It is the sweetest something!

She spends alot of her "free" time reading the Jesus Storybook Bible rehearsing the stories Daddy has most recently taught her and spanking anything/one in sight (which she is not allowed to play but still tries)...we are a bit concerned this must be how she sees us...oh dear!

Right now she is laying on top of the couch saying "This is my bed!" eating a cough drop- she is kinda excited she is sick so she can have cough drops- strange child!

I love her little dance moves and hops- they are precious! I am just loving her 2 years plus- very enjoyable! painting, dancing, learning, growing- precious! I am trying to be deliberate to just sit and enjoy her daily- I know this little preciousness will not last forever and it is a great gift. I've most recently decided it is a great tragedy if mommy(s) don't deliberating take time and sit and enjoy their kiddos- there will always be things to get down- we need to enjoy the very gifts God has given us to love and cherish!

Just today she said Oh learn my ABC's, lianxi Zhongwen ( Practice Chinese!)- hilarious---Josiah tried to explain to her that she had it all wrong- ABC's are not Chinese :)

And i love her sweet prayers- right now she seems to have such a soft heart towards the things of God- it is such a breath of fresh air to my soul!

Praising God for my Evie Joy!

Monday, November 28, 2011

Pickin Oranges or something...

above- daddy picking oranges way up high with some type of pole net thing...we heard you could go to Da Zi Ran Park and pick oranges- sounded like fun...but it was extra money or something to run back through the trees ourselves and we got distracted by the playground...

EJ enjoying the seesaw

crossing the log with friend Chris

and the bridge...

we had fun with our friend :) and ate a few oranges Daddy picked!

Saturday, November 26, 2011

around town a little

this is how we travel :)

we love to get out of the buggy to run up and down this ramp- strange?!

We have been enjoying going to the Temple Park and bringing a few cars, sharing them with friends, making new friends :)

this is the public restroom i use when out :)

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Happy 4th Birthday!

shawoo this is a long blog post...but hey celebrating 4 years old is kinda a big deal :)
we started the actual birthday day with taking some chocolates from the states to my class!

i sure enjoyed eating up a few handfuls :)

We had "yummy" beer pork for dinner...yes, what a meal Mommy tries on us for my birthday, but i happily ate it knowing i was gonna get my cupcakes!

We had some strawberry cake mix so we went with that haha! actually i like the icing best!

i love how happy my jo is here- he was so excited about celebrating his birthday! but he was like, where are all my friends? why aren't my friends at my house? ...

Sissy was so sweet to sing Happy Birthday to me all day!

i was excited about my McQueen race track and Sally car!

and i waited not real patiently for the weekend...we had a small party at McDonalds! And i was so excited that some friends came!

our sweet friend Nancy came to celebrate!

And John came!

Mommy made some mini cupcakes ...

the twins who are my classmates came! Mostly we loved the coke noise makers...they had to ask us to stop blowing inside :)

our sweet friend Kelly, our neighbor came

just jokin around jo!

the twins brought me a cake- it was fun blowing out the candles, getting sang to, all the love and attention!

then of course we went to "The Peoples Park"

Kelly and Evie Joy :)

Riding the carousel with Nancy- decided it was a bit bumpy compared to the carousels in America

fed some fish

EJ jumped around in this water floatation device with Kelly and Jo did with Nancy and Dou Dou but Mommy actually took a few pics with Nancy's camera and Dou Dou's dad took some pics with his awesome camera so maybe later he will give them to us to share :) this is all we got for now! haha! hope you enjoyed my birthday as much as i did! since then i've been pretty sick :( so hoping my happy 4 year old days can begin soon...even though i'm sick, i'm still in good spirits with McQueen and Sally!