Monday, August 30, 2010

Happy First Birthday Evie Joy!

Happy Birthday to Sissy! Brother sang it to me all day, well all week...anyway, of course I loved it!

We went to a park in our city and rode rides, saw animals, got balloons, ate snacks...i loved it!

we went to the indoor playground at kfc, they sang happy birthday to me in chinese over the speaker- i didn't really know what was going on but i had a good time!

i love this pic of ej and jo!
they are really becoming good playmates!

i'm really into ICE

Mommy made us noodles

and our sweet friends from America sent us a cake mix and icing!
For my First Birthday I had a yummy yellow cake with chocolate icing with white chocolate shavings all over it! AND...

Bro Bro enjoying his cupcake :)


It was like 4 cupcakes worth of madness and I ate ALMOST all of it!
My brother would have been so irritated at the mess, but NOT me...i embraced the mess, licked and enjoyed every moment!

yup towards the end....of a very happy birthday to me!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Jo Jo & Evie Joy Joy

Jo Jo is 33 months, Evie Joy 11 1/2 months

some recent pics josiah took before he broke the camera...

well this could be the most boring post you ever take a look at, but I love it! True Josiah fans will Love it- why?! because it is all about Josiah- enter into his little world for a few....and here you go...what does he think about? well, we've let him take our old camera a bit here and there and take some pics and here is some of what he wants to share: love the toe shots! he's got the cutest feet and toes ever :)

he thinks about blocks...i loved watching him get the camera just right turned around facing him to get the block :)

i love this one- it is so creative

i never enjoy wearing glasses or pics of me in glasses, dorky but i mean this is pretty good JO :)

self portrait side ways :) love it!

sissy of course!

again, impressed with his creative composition :)

i have a sister, let's take her picture!

who can resist when their cute little 2 1/2 year old is like "Mommy, Take Picture, Cheese!"

Mommy dancing to um...i think Veggie Tales


don't know what he is doing, but again, pretty good pic

THOMAS, trains, blocks....Josiah's world

and mommy again- she is pretty much the most willing participant since daddy is quite busy getting things done and sissy is busy learning to walk and get into things and so there is mommy, who is always willing to receive some good ole jo lovin!
of course there were many others to choose from...until next time :)