Thursday, October 30, 2008

Chinese Wedding Photos

Mom made me and Dad get Chinese Wedding pictures ALL day- here i was alloted a snack break- I will be sure to share some of the shots when we get them back in a few weeks
i did get to make friends with this little boy (the shop owners' son)- he is just 1 week older than me; he let me borrow his traditional outfit and hat for some pics with mom and dad too- here we are together at the end of a long day!

i love to follow Joy around the house

one of the highlights of my week is when Joy comes over and helps clean our house- i like to follow her around the house and watch her clean

Thursday, October 23, 2008

my first haircut

this is my crazy hair a few weeks ago
we found (in our lil' vg city) this lil' kids' haircutting shop that had a motorcycle to sit on and everything for only a buck and a half- anyhow, i did real well sitting on the che during most of the cut, but then that lady cutting the top really bothered me so mom and dad let me play with the dirty toys for awhile (i was gonna have a bath as soon as we got home) and then they tried to hold me for the lady to finish up- i look real cute but no after pics, cause i was busy playin

also, my friend next door watched me this week (she wasn't told about my football skills prior) and when mom and dad got home, she told them how impressed she was with my football skills! i also got another tooth this week, on the R bottom (makes 5 now) and i successfully can take 2 steps on my own

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

stealin mama's apple JO

this past week, every time i eat an apple, josiah decides he needs to have some and he chomps on it for a long time and when i finally take it away, he gets very upset- i'm assuming it feels good on his teeth or here are a few pics of my apple stealing son

look at those cheeks full of my apple!

Monday, October 20, 2008

outback JO

i really liked eatting at the Outback
i had lots of yummy chicken and bread, potatoes, carrots...

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Thursday, October 16, 2008

tourist jo part 2

spent a lot of time on the subway, but didn't mind, i loved meeting the people
sleepy me at the Summer Palace, all the rest and tranquility got to me
playing in the trees and on grass at the SP

got some r and r in my hotel room - of course baby einstein is on and you can see my tent as my bed in the background
i'm trying out this ancient bed in the hutongs
touring the hutongs (before i fell asleep)
everywhere we went, tour groups thought i was a tourist attraction

this is funny- it was in the bathroom and it says "for infant"
so you are suppose to put your kid in it while you go potty
NO, we didn't try it out!

tourist jo part 1

at the Temple of Heaven
sleeping at the T of H
at the Great Wall- this tourist group actually took this picture of me and mom and they thought it was the coolest thing that i was waving at them

i rode this ski lift up to the wall
and alpine slide down the mountain
we think this would definitely be illegal in the states for me to do

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

happy 11 months old to me!

i've been practicing standing on my own; for some reason i like to put my hands up in the air when i practice.
i discovered this little stool can be used as a walker so i've been walking all around pushing it. i look like a little old man with his walker!

i got to sleep in this cool tent inside our hotel room! i decided i like the tent much better than sleeping with mommy and daddy or in a bed- the tent turned out to be a great idea! we are definitely taking the tent traveling again.
and i now have 3 teeth up top (1 more on my upper left) and 1 on the bottom