Friday, April 29, 2011

Spring 2011 Preschool dancing shots

here are some rockin dance shots :) we'll be sure to get more soon! this semester has been awesome success, very little parental help necessary :) yay!

last week's picnic at the rock park!

More Evie Joy EASTER 2011

i love Evie Joy's smile in this one, she is so excited about the eggs!
so pretty at 20 months old in her Easter dress!

cooking up some yummy Easter food!

tasting her own good cookin!

she loves lookin at herself in the mirror!

swingin in brother's room!

all smiles!

Some Jo specific Easter 2011

I gave out eggs and candy to my 45 classmates at Preschool

We also shared the story with them with our hand motions we shared with you bloggers last Easter, we just used Chinese instead of English :)

this is the teacher practicing the meaning of Easter with them

they were all so excited to take their one plastic egg home from America :)

me and sissy prepping ourselves on the Easter story with Resurrection Eggs

playing in my room with 2 friends who came over on Easter Day- the curtain lady's daughter and the fruit lady's daughter :) Their Moms both work in our apt complex and we see them everyday and play in their shops often

she is very excited about her Easter basket i gave her :)

me dancing to "Kungfu Fighting" song on Wii!

Dancing with new friend and English Teacher Sonya. She is from the Philippines. I attend the English School where she teachers one night a week to help give the kids an opportunity to practice their English with a real live foreigner and it gives me good English practice with other kids too!

Easter 2011-dying eggs, making cupcakes & cookies :)

We loved our friends Lily, Nancy & Bella coming over to dye eggs, make cupcakes & cookies! It was a great start to our Easter weekend!

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Evie Joy dancin at the square!

this one on youtube isn't so great of EJ but it's great that you see the 2 ladies slow dancing together :) haha gotta love China! :)

A little bit of Preschool Dancing

Sorry Jo was quite annoyed with these people staring at him, but i'll try more later :)

tadbit of Spring 2011 Preschool Singing

Sunday, April 24, 2011

a few pics together on Easter!

i wish i had tons of great shots of the 2 of them together but i don't, only a few, but they are good memories....this first one is when i was cooking i came to check on them and found them snuggled in the same chair coloring-how sweet!!

my attempt at a brother & sister shot-here attempt is the key word!!

our friend Amy brought us some flowers :) EJ killed hers but Jo was so cute with his

very excited about their candy!

since we had friends here, we did get a 2011 family Easter shot- woo hoo! I love the kids- Jo is so funny & EJ looks so much like me when i was little. bye for now, i have lots more of EJ & Jo's Easter weekend, just thought i'd post a few now!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

josiah wakes sissy up!

every morning josiah waits patiently for evie joy to wake up and when we hear her, he loves to be the first one to run in her room and welcome her to the day! give her her he was so cute, he climbed in her bed with her and was playing. she normally is throwing herself around and laughing but i think he was kinda in her way today :)
btw, after naptime, ej is normally the first to rise, so she'll wait very impatiently on josiah to wake up, sometimes banging on his door, busting in his room, yelling for him, like i said, impatiently waiting and then when he does rise, she overwhelms him with love!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

josiah learning to spell his name

Evie Joy will say anything for candy!

i told evie joy that i would give her candy if i heard her practicing her "chinese" with her tutor and she was soooo funny- she immediately went over to the tutor and said "chinese" ha ha, she really is learning a little :)

josiah introduces himself in chinese (mostly) haha

josiah learning some English, some Chinese...not really sure what language we are speaking these days?!

Josiah is learning to spell and write his name in English these days. Sissy helps when it is erasing time :) 3 mornings a week, we are learning at home, 2 mornings he is attending Chinese Preschool, 1 evening he attends English class with local kids in Elementary School and 1-2 nights a week (the last photo) our tutor does "play-tutoring" with EJ and JO! So...who knows what language we'll end up speaking but hopefully something haha!
One hilarious story to share is that the ONLY Chinese cheer that exists is "Jia You" and Josiah's tutor was trying to teach him the fueling station was called "Jia You Zhan" and Josiah kept saying "NO, that is NOT Jia you!!" haha it cracked me up- he was at least arguing Chinese with Chinese!