Thursday, November 21, 2013

KId verses L to V

This is an attempt to capture the kiddos weekly verses letters L thru V
Last Spring they had recorded A thru can click a link below to see

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Some Judah LOVES months 3-4!

I love his sweet sleepy self above on his play mat

sweet nap

above, watching Baby Einstein
below, Josiah is entertaining him with his iPod

Here, Josiah is so sweet to push Judah in this little stroller around the house when he is fussy.  Evie Joy tries to sometimes also, but Josiah does the most

he's filling out 6 month sleeper here :) 
enjoying his swing! Evie Joy sweetly pushing him!

he loves to stand and most recently began enjoying the jumper!
Josiah pushing him around the airport!

on the airplane with brother!

love his sweet smile!
all three of the stinkers!
another of Josiah pushing him to sleep!
Enjoying friends at English Corner

 Love these of Judah and to 4 months now!

He was sleeping sooo good, 12-14 hours a night with 2-3 feedings in there, at least one real long one 7- 9 hours but the past week or so he's been up 2-3 times a night so Mommy is pretty sad about that
He is learning to sit up more on his own and he is beginning to roll a little back and forth
He still doesn't really like a paci or a bottle but we keep trying
He loves Evie Joy and Josiah, he always wants to know where the little people are
He weighs about 15 1/2 pounds, about 25 inches at 4 months 
He loves music, tv, being outside
He is very vocal, loves to talk 
He does not like baths, sadly...

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Evie Joy's HAIR?!

 Evie Joy came home from a long day at school like this!  She said her teachers did her hair- she had 2 braids put into buns on the side of her head and 5 hair bows, assorted colors placed about :)

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Timothy Josiah Eric Rymer turns 6 Years Old!

We woke up early!  Jo was so excited about the few decorations we had up for him when he woke up! Daddy made us pancakes for breakfast!  MiMi sent us some Star Wars decorations and Mommy made me a chocolate chip cookie birthday cake.  


super excited about our Star Wars gift bags!
so super excited about my BAT CAVE!  I've been wanting one for 2 years!
 WE went to the little zoo and ride rides park in our city.  The above picture is about as close as looking like FAll with colored leaves as we get :)  
Below, this is how we were trying to scare the Peacock 
 these below are fun of us trying to get this driving thing down

We had a few accidents!

 some fun rides!

 this thing is hilarious, we run around on this huge floatation wheel like we are little mice, ha!