Wednesday, January 30, 2013

New Year's Preschool Performance

This is an attempt to get some pics of the performance.  I brought my big camera and had some technical difficulties so i snapped a few with my ipod.  My friend videoed it but i don't have it yet.  It was cute. At the end, the last song, Evie Joy got on stage and joined Josiah's class. It was cute.  She gave him a big hug.  She was so happy and proud!

Monday, January 28, 2013

Some things we've been up to...

So this is more like a month recap or something.  My computer has not been allowing me to upload my pics so we've been kinda here are some of our random January moments...mostly we are out and about on sunny days because they are above and below, we are enjoying riding the rides and eating hot dogs at the park!

Aren't they the cutest sword fighters you ever saw?

still loving dress up!
These are the chickens in the parking lot next to our house

 We stayed after school and played at the playground one day.  We were some of superheroes!

our friend gave us a bag of quail eggs to enjoy as a gift and we loved them!
He also gave us chicken fingers but Evie Joy tried one and then explained she didn't eat them because they were too sharp!

 on boat ride to see Da Buddha
Rock Park!  One of our favorite places!  MOst all of these photos are ipod photos so not the best but you get the idea of our events!

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Go Ravens!

We are sporting our Raven's outfits for Big Daddy! 

Daddy's LIttle Helpers

so these kids love helping!  lately they've been helping me cook, stir, mix, whatever I allow them to do before i get impatient...but their daddy is very patient and so he allows them to help as much as they request.  i am so impressed with how incredibly patient he is in this area, amazing!  so recently daddy has had lots of projects and with these eager I want to help is an attempt of a few pics!  They are sweet and he is great about letting them help!

Evie JOy riding the bike!

We've been trying to encourage Josiah to ride his bike a little- he can but doesn't really enjoy it.  Evie Joy, on the other hand, will ride for 20  minutes at a time.  She doesn't get frustrated, just easily finds her way back to peddling if she gets stuck.  We are quite impressed and happy that she enjoys it so much!  Today she was so funny, determined to ride down the hill and learn how to break!  gotta love her spunky determination! 

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Woody Josiah!

He was being so cute dressed up pretending to be Woody the Cowboy!  Love this kid and his sweet smile!

Evie Joy and her animals!

Here Evie Joy dressed her bears up so pretty and herself- she said "Mommy, We are gonna get married to you!" haha!

Here, she is having school with her animals, teaching them how to write their letters and about Jesus.