Saturday, September 29, 2018

4th Grade EJ & Jo learning cuteness PLUS

 We began piano class this year using Piano Wizard

 We have some neighboring homeschooled friends we have recess time with each day

 loved these Thanksgiving crafts EJ helped all the kids make

 & Starwars snowflakes

 some creative creatures 

 some paintings from dvd art class

 EJ has been doing the Prairie Primer 

 Above History Class so cute! 
 Trying to encourage them with a small treat after every 2 completed tasks...Stop & Snack Station

 More Art class fun & Lego building 

 For School they had to interview someone and make an outline of significant events during that person's life.  Josiah interviewed me and cracked me up the things he included.  
 EJ, above, creative STEM building

 Josiah with some friends at a birthday party
 trying to get a measurement...

 EJ has 2 close girlfriends that Homeschool 

 kickball, Josiah loves it...Ej tries

 We live near an International School.  They participated in a weeklong extension class, Art and Soccer 

 Josiah likes to find things on Youtube for him & Mommy to draw together! 

 Each morning EJ does a great job doing Preschool with the littles for an hour

 WE amazingly had one successful Science experiment 
 Read aloud selfies 

 They took a crocheting and cross stitching class

I love that Evie Joy made DNA with shaving cream 

 climbing a mountain with Daddy

 Their final LA assignment was to act out a fairy tale with dialogue using a puppet show. 

 Lake day with Mom 

 Village Fire festival with Daddy 
 Josiah's big hair cut...check out all those curls 

 EJ's STEM dinosaur 

 Our Solar Systems! 
They absolutely loved learning about the Solar System this Summer

 They each had to write a research paper on their hometown.  
Josiah chose our China hometown.  
Evie Joy chose her America hometown. 

 playing in the sand recess fun 

 We've began Chinese class again with a really sweet local lady.  We are so thankful for what a great teacher she is
 EJ feet are cracking me up...One is longer than the other
 One art project, they had to create a roller coaster 
 They began taking a lego class online and made some really cool projects 

 creative fun in the states
 EJ made these and gifted them to store workers in the states for Easter

 kickball in the states with Daddy
and painting with friends
 Ninja Turtle drawings off Youtube

 We loved painting class with Ms. Lesley in America

 Evie Joy's 3rd Grade Research Paper, her first one, was on Penguins
She gifted it to MiMi

 a robot she made in America

 We loved making roads in the states
And loved how Josiah literally climbed into the dryer..
he was "into" doing laundry ha

 basketball with Daddy
Teacher Joy

 sharing about life overseas, proud of them for sharing

This year they both have grown to enjoy reading and learning even more!  Ej is just about all caught up to Josiah in every subject...they have learned long division and multiplication, composed an outline, a works cited, hand written and typed a research paper. They took typing, piano, art, soccer.  We learned about Animals, Plants & the Solar System.  We still love reading Life of Fred tougher.  We are still using the Harrow Family cd's with Sonlight to memorize verses.  We always record them and share them with MiMi and Poppe.  

We have had some good discussions about deeper issues of the World Wars in an engaging way with my 10 and 8 year old.  After we completed the study of the World Wars ourselves, I caught Evie Joy re-teaching this book to her stuffed animals for fun.  She said she likes that it is easy to read, interesting and has lots of pictures!  She was teaching them about the "4 dark years" and how people today still remember those who lost their lives during the World Wars. 

We enjoy reading with Daddy every night.  He does a read aloud and Bible with us before bed.  WE love how he does all the character voices.  

We've enjoyed learning how to play with other expat like hole with soccer and pirate with basketball and cops and robbers and Marco polo at the playground.  

We like to have read aloud time with Mommy during nap time.. Sometimes we call it sip and read and have some tea with her. 

We've grown to enjoy lots of games like Monopoly, Yatzee, Ticket to Ride, Chess, Checkers. 

We enjoy riding our bikes, roller blading and riding our scooter around our complex. 

We are trying to learn how to do some basic moves like cartwheels and skateboarding.  

Onto 5th Grade we go!