Wednesday, April 3, 2019

Cindy Grace 4 years old!

Cindy Grace loves butterflies 
and she did a good job trying to copy the letters in her name

This was hilarious- on Thanksgiving we played a card game and Cindy Grace was the queen the entire game! She loved all the queen attention! 

She loves dressing up in her princess outfits and loved that Judah did 
with her until Daddy said no more
She enjoys building with blocks and puzzles

She painted these butterflies from a kit that was gifted for her bday

I think she has 20 couple pairs of tights- she loves them- she especially likes when Evie Joy matches

She loves to twirl and dance- Mommy can you turn music on so I can dance?

loves dress up- Batman here 

love how she is chatting with me here- so sweet

lost her first tooth- a few of her teeth have come lose for awhile and then aren't...
but this one finally came all the way out

coloring her Bible story picture

patterns in Preschool 

cracking me up in her heels and sunglasses with her babies 
loves all the games Evie Joy makes up
This was on a Sweetie Date with EJ and Daddy

getting strong enough to peddle her bike with training wheels