Wednesday, December 16, 2015

5 Yes 5 Months!

 Okay I LOVE his eyes in these pics…somehow my finger must have blocked the perfect shot but who really gets perfect shots with babies anyway!  He is so sweet and cuddly!  He loves nursing of course!  He loves to go for buggy rides!  He loves to be outside!  He is doing better at naps! yay!  He takes about one 1 hour and then a 2 hour one later and maybe a half hour one late.  But those long ones are nice!  He loves his family!  That is sweet!  He got sick this month which wasn't fun, he was coughing a lot, the air was cold outside so we made him a little tent between curtains with a combination of outside air, steam from the rice cooker and then the wall heater…it seemed to help Praise God but it was a stressful few nights.  He seems to be only getting better!  So thankful!

 He has tried out his Johnny Jump Up a few times this month!

 He absolutely loves playing with his toes!  haha, it is his favorite toy/playtime fun activity!

 one day getting some air when he was sick!  

 loves his brother!

 this blurry funny shot is included bc Big Bro and Sis were playing Disney World and they pretended Elijah was getting his picture with Disney characters haha! 

 not feeling well sleeping in the sling!  Christmas tree noted here!  He enjoys the lights! 
 Our friends took this of us on a Sunday about to eat lunch together!  Actually a pic with Mommy and Daddy! Wow! 
 playing with my piggies! 

 Meeting our friend Beatrice!  looks so big!

 going for a walk, not feeling so great, it's cold outside...

 cute in his little bear jacket!

 hanging out with Brother doing School!

 Yup, I'm cute!  Come see me and I'll make cute faces and noises for you and let you hold me!  
I'm getting stronger, making strides to sit up, can roll over back and forth, grasp onto toys, books, enjoy music, colors, lights, love my Mommy milk!  Haven't successfully drank out of a bottle yet, maybe this month!  Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to ya'll!  

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Shopping Judah!

Judah loves helping me shop!  
He's so sweet with his basket and puts all the items up on the counter and even pays!

Judah & Elijah Pals!

Josiah & Evie Joy loves

Judah cracking Elijah up! haha!

 okay, i just love these candid shots! Judah was too cute cracking Elijah up!  oh just so sweet!
 love love love it! 

Friday, December 11, 2015