Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Evie Joy 5 1/2 months

i was all prettied up, but of course this is the end of the day and i have cereal, milk, spit up all over me, but still i'm a cutie :)!!! and here i am showing off some of my sitting up skills!


josiah 27 months, evie joy 5 1/2 months, abigail 6 1/2 months

i love this last one! they are all done for sure!

Evie Joy & Abigail

this is my cousin Abigail- she is one month older than me,
so here i am 5 1/2 months and she is 6 1/2 months

i had sooo much fun talking to her

Monday, February 22, 2010

mommy & me bundled up

josiah & poppe playin with my big red car!

this video is so funny- when jo gets to the top of the "hill" see how he gets himself to go back down by scuffin his feet on the pavement

Monday, February 15, 2010

some things we love about 27 months

many of our conversations these days go like this "you something, me something, thank you, you welcome, comma, comma, pull, sit, here, ok" anyways, jo is trying to communicate lots and lots of things all the time & has gotten quite demanding with his need for social interaction. it is fun but very tiring! above: in a box of some sort- nothing more to be said
below: playing wii with daddy (baseball :))

love coloring with MiMi!! but again, very demanding- always telling MiMi which color to use, where to color...

Jo & American girlfriend Lily Pierce playing with Evie Joy

Josiah tries to be "helpful" with the baby so when her paci falls out, he says, "OH NO, paci!" and runs and puts it back in and he sees us velcro this cover so he does the same to be helpful

this is Issac Brooks, who is 3 1/2- this is his very cool train table which Josiah loves to play with

& we love how Josiah is learning to pray- his prayers are awesome- always saying "Jesus, Thank you (for various things/people), AMEN!" I mean, how many more of us could pray this prayer all day and be pleasing to the Lord"
In the praying picture below is friend Christian, who just turned 3.

Some other things I don't want to forget about Jo at 27 months:
his love for music and the way he says 'music class', how he sings 'Jesus Loves Me', sings the 'Clean Up' song when he picks up his playdoh and crayons, how he says 'catch' when he throws the ball now, his cool dance moves- the wiggle and now bounce bob thing, how he tries to do a cartwheel but really just turns around on the floor, patting me, saying "Ok, Ok" and then giving me a hug, how he sings in the car & looooves NOAH, every song and book and anything about NOAH, that he calls every turtle a 'sea turtle', his "Thomas the Train" obsession and how he gets upset when Thomas wrecks or something is 'broken', I love the way he says "JOSIAH!", singing 'Jesus Loves Me...Bible tell me', when i am changing his diaper, i kiss his feet & he repeats me saying "good news, AMEN"...i love how he throws the ball and kicks it around the house...i love when he says "Daddy, yeah! Mommy yeah!", pulls my hand to play, rubs me and says "gentle", jumps on the changing mat and says "change diaper"....anyways i love Josiah! I love how sweet he is to all his stuffed animal friends, his sweet, gentle spirit, his fun-loving attitude & I even love sooo much more than i haven't even written! Thank you God for giving me such a precious gift in Josiah being my son!

Monday, February 8, 2010

Evie Joy fun at MiMi & Poppes'

love playing with my feet, of course!
& with RINGS

sleepin on MiMi is always fun

playin in the balls with my Big Brother!

enjoyin the balls myself!

Jo Jo fun at MiMi & Poppes

so much fun coloring with MiMi

i think Jo looks so cute & big laying on the floor coloring!

always have fun with Poppe

in the ball pit

even let sister try a little

more coloring with MiMi