Tuesday, December 28, 2010

makin cookies with our friend lily

evie joy absolutely loved it! ever since that day, she keeps practicing :)

i think jo is taking a dancing break?!

he is very proud of his creation :)

she is very serious about her work!

i also caught her sneaking lots of pre cooked bites, oh my!

lily did all the hard work to make oreo balls!
we love her!
we had such a good time makin cookies together!
and eatting them!!!!

evie joy and the christmas tree :)

this is what evie joy likes to do with the tree...swat at the bulbs, pull them off, throw them like a ball, rearrange the lights...

this was cute, above-she climbed in the basket in front of the tree
and below-she was reading jesus loves me book, her fav :)

josiah and the christmas tree!

josiah was super excited this year when we decorated our tree- i suppose because he remembered it means it is a special time from last year...he kept talking about mimi's tree...above are pics of the night we put it up and below is just another random day :)

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

finally ej spin dancin

i acutally uploaded 4 videos attempted to get ej dancin for you faithful fans
you can go to youtube, we are wawajosiah
the video names are:
finally ej spin dancin (above), lil bit more ej dancin, ej dancin 3, ej praise dance 4:

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

we like to climb on brother's bed

ej would NOT look for the camera, but here she is...as is everyday....flipping over the steps in brother's bed...she loves this game...she climbs up the step, flips over the side onto his bed, then gets off the bed and does this all over and over...and brother will join her fun by climbing up on the higher step and up to the top bunk :) they are so cute playing ej's little game :)

the baby powder incident...

josiah dumped out an entire bottle of baby powder in his bed and then slept in it literally...um it sure smelled good in there...i left it on him, i told him i wouldn't spank him, i would instead just take pictures...i figured he could make the entire house smell better :) i mean if you saturated yourself in baby powder you might feel like he looks :) ha ha!

Saturday, December 18, 2010

josiah's 3rd birthday modeling gig

i'm just posting a link to the pics i posted on facebook bc with eric's mac they are super easy to post there and i don't know how to compress them to upload them on here and this server is super slow. our sweet son in law will get his up in running in a week or so and we'll be back in action...until then, i will try to get something up here off eric's if i can :) love to all

Thursday, December 9, 2010

josiah's fun at the park with new pal Dou Dou

josiah had the best time running around exploring with Dou Dou
Dou Dou is a little over 2 :)

such a fun time jumping!

here is josiah NOT coming when told to, ugh...mostly he has such a good time but then he has his " i just turned 3" year old moments!

josiah was super excited about climbing the rocks with daddy again! he was just looking at pictures this week when he first did this and so it was fresh on his mind
he kept saying "climb rocks with daddy!"

now our new friend with his super duper camera and skills took these shots:
the first one is of course Jo in time out :(

and here having a serious chat with mommy
playing Chao Ren (Super heros) with new friend

Evie Joy at the park with new friends

EJ was so determined to climb up all the steps with the boys to play!

our new friend has a jazzy camera and took these great shots

i think we are hanging out this weekend too :)
so we'll probably have some more great shots of our kidos!
yay for new friends! (and our cute daughter!)