Monday, September 29, 2008

johnny jumpin in a tree

if you get other updates of ours, you'll notice this is daddy's favorite outfit!
i don't know what this face means...

we don't have swingsets here or playgrounds or really even grass to play on so we took jj up outdoors with us; it was even a dead tree, but it worked!

Saturday, September 27, 2008

i ate a lot of RICE night

my buddy peeps took these, calling himself the 3rd wheel, but i don't know what i am if he is the 3rd wheel? anyhow, we had tons of fun eatting a favorite little fried rice place.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

a few more cute shots

my Pao (auntie in her language) got the camera and took these cute shots- yeah i'm a hottie!

almost walking jo

i hung out with the gang at the museum the other day and i showed off some of my standing on my own skills and i could probably take a step if i understood i really could do it, but until that time, i'll just keep everyone hanging in anticipation

Monday, September 22, 2008

learning to play football mini-videos

i know these are short, but please be understanding to us internationals who don't have highspeed internet trying to keep connected to our beloved friends and family- we love you all! wish you were here to play!

learning to play football pics

he is really funny; he knows that when he gets the ball, he gets tackled
the other day daddy wasn't here and so jo would get the ball and then fall over all by himself (pretending to be tackled)
At least we have taught our kid something!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Monday, September 15, 2008

10 months- random jo info

fan-dancin jo

  • i can stand for a few seconds alone
  • i can cruise all around our living room and bedroom furniture
  • i love talking to myself and waving to myself in the mirror
  • i like licking/kissing the glass door, my little mirror, nightstand, the wall, the couch
  • i love rubbing everything on my head
  • i like to pull myself up on the fan and bounce/dance
  • i have successfully unlatched the gate
  • i have successfully flipped myself around in my buggy and gotten out of my belt
  • i successfully fell off a bed for the first time, got a nice bump on my head
  • i have eaten pasta, oatmeal, rice and cauliflower
  • a traumatic, kinda funny event is montou getting stuck in the roof of my mouth
  • in addition to Jesus Is With Me, I have enjoyed reading Where Is the Big Red Doggie?, Most of All Jesus Loves You, & Baby Jesus board book
  • i am learning about expressing my own will- if i don't want to go to bed, i will stand up, throw my pacifier out, etc...
  • when i don't want to sleep, i try to put on my charm-smile, coo, laugh really loud, act really happy and playful (i do this also when i meet people who give me desired attention)
  • i get in trouble for playing with cords and trying to put the door stop in my mouth
  • i am learning to play with my bath time toys rather than eat them
  • i play really well by myself- i will talk gibberish, laugh, smile, play with my toys for quite a while now; self-entertain
  • every morning, i like to begin in my swing and baby einstein, then eat bfast
  • before sleeping, i like to be bounced on the ball and read to

way too many la jiao jo pics

mommy and i went to the track and played; an old man was drying his la jiao (hot peppers) and we decided to take some pictures with the la jiao since everywhere where we live, people are drying their la jiao; we also walked through some rice fields, a wooded path and i played in my walker, but these were the best pics, although less adventurous

Friday, September 12, 2008

sweet waking up jo faces & RICE face

this was one of his first tries at Rice; now he seems to like it a lot more
i think the texture was a bit strange at first

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

random jo-ness

check out my hair
and my cheeks
these ladies can plant crops anywhere
this is in front of the library, but this most likely will be demolished

Monday, September 8, 2008

daddy made me a fort

but i don't quite understand how to play with forts so i tore it down

our campus is being demolished

they are tearing down buildings everywhere on our campus since the school moved- so now we officially live on a construction site without safety gear- they have been working on the inside and windows of the one next door- these people are top-notch looters- anyhow, they are keeping me awake with all the banging and it is just the beginning- oh what a mess for a little guy to live in!

jo eattin his bananas

jo loves it when i put banana pieces in his bib- it is his favorite food to feed himself these days (even more than montou)- it's not all that exciting, but it's cute!

Saturday, September 6, 2008

doctor's visit

my doctor lives 14 hours away- how do i get to see him? i ride a bus, then a plane, then a taxi! my 9 1/2 month stats are 68 cm, almost 27 inches and almost 17 pounds- i know i look like a chunker but the doc says i'm only in the 3 percentile- he thinks i look good (of course) but gave me some stuff (that doesn't taste so great) that he gives the village babies (since i poop too much)- he says they have no problem putting on weight after this stuff (if i can only survive taking it!); Also, as you see here- i had to get an x-ray- how fun! of my hip ( i think i've been doing too much Elvis or something)- anyhow there is a little pop in it so Dr. Dan wanted to make sure it wasn't anything to worry about. Well, Daddy had to go to 6 lines just to sign me up for getting an x-ray (very confusing system yes!) and i fell asleep before i could even get in line for my x-ray but no worries soon after this picture the lady yelled and woke me up ( how fun to wake up with nothing on in a strange place with a very loud lady in your face!)- We are so thankful for Dr. Dan and that everything in the hips looks just fine ( so i will continue to Shake, Rattle and Roll!) I know this is a lot of personal info, hugh! But, i know that some of you adults out there really like to know the nitty gritty of my life...

P.S.- Also got some shots that "Jesus Is With Me" got me through! Still lovin that book!