Monday, November 30, 2009

Jo & Grandma; Jo & Big Daddy

i only like grandma to hold for a little bit when i drink my milk

Big Daddy introduced me to likin FRIED CHICKEN! YUM YUM!

& Big Daddy found this car in the trash! He is an awesome trash man!
Also Big Daddy taught me to say "KATIE" in a really loud annoying voice.
& Uncle Dave taught me to point to the commercials and say "I want that!"
So, since coming home to TN, I am being debriefed on calling Mommy "Katie", on saying "I want that" and on getting to watch unlimited tv (thanks to Grandma)!

cutie jo and evie joy- go maryland!

evie joy all smiles! don't we look so cute sitting on the couch together :)

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

I'll say anything for Big Daddy

uncles, aunts, great grandmothers with evie joy!

Aunt Karen, Cousin Chanse, Big Daddy, Grandma

Below- Grandma (86)

Mumaw (80)

now, i'm not too partial, i love everyone to hold me but i sure did especially like Uncle Dave to hold me. Most days he'd come by and hold me for over an hour. I liked him to put me up real high on his shoulders and walk around the house talking to me :)

Chanse, Joseph & Julianne lovin on me

they love me & i love them! they are so sweet to hold me, sit and talk to me, make me smile!

lots of fun times with Joseph & Julianne

they were so sweet, they would come see me after school almost every day
i went to Julianne's ss class, i was the youngest one but my teacher said i was very well behaved :)

at their Granny's & Pap Pap's I heard about this HUGE candy basket, but now i have experienced it for myself; below i am signing and asking "please" for the candy corns, oh my!

me playing in Julianne's fun room!

& we even wrestle! (but they really like to wrestle with daddy best!)
i love them! they are the bestest older cousins a guy could ask for!
thank you God for my awesome cousins!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

this is my brunswick birthday party- it was at the park- we played outside on the playground me and cousin paddy
i decided to add a dirt party element-run up the hill, roll down


finger paints- cousins madison and alison

i love playdoh
balls-hit daddy with the balls was a favorite game

dress up

julianne & joseph fingerpainting

shanda, conner & anna playing playdoh

we decorated our own cupcakes

my Big Daddy - he gave me this great party with balls, balloons, fingerpaints, playdoh, cupcakes, dancing to the Wiggles, bubbles, dress up! i had such a good time!

Josiah's 2 year old Dirt Party

happy birthday to josiah! yay! i made it to 2 years old! these are pictures from my bday party in Chattanooga, TN. Mommy & Daddy got a truck of dirt delivered and we played in the dirt for my party

the fire truck paid us a visit

my daddy was so much fun playing in the dirt

my friends!-lily, issac, owen, karsten, matthew, joshua, shane, jacob, gavin

my Pappaw, MiMi, Poppe, Uncle Travis, Aunt Rebeca,
Cousin Abigail & Auntie Michelle all came too!

yippie for dirt! & almost 80 degrees Chattanooga weather in November!