Thursday, October 28, 2010

Random ladies on the street...

so i was out with my daddy doing errands the other day and these people were so excited to see me, they said "oh please, can we hold her?" "oh please can we get our picture with her?" the funny thing is that they didn't have a camera so daddy lovingly stopped and offered to take pictures for them and get them developed for them. And i very much enjoyed my time visiting with them. Apparently they loved my red bow and don't you love my mix matched outfit!

Best Buddies

i love how they are really beginning to play together and becoming best little buddies
josiah will invite ej to play whatever he chooses at that time and gladly gives her whatever she wishes these days, it's sweet- he'll say "you are my best buddy" because that is what i always have said to him, again so sweet

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Ting Bu Dong....Cheeese!

above- josiah said "cheeese, take picture" and went and laid on the bean bag- i guess he associates the bean bag with pictures or something but it was/is cute
below- this is what josiah feels like when we are out and the locals are talking to him :) ha ha!

if only every word began with a B

Evie Joy loves B words-she can say a handful of B words. Sorry, i haven't been so successful to get them all on video- she isn't really a sit down and perform for you child as
She loves to sing "Jesus Loves Me the Bible tells me So" with her brother!
She says "Bible" the best in this song of course.
She says: bible,bear, ball, bottle, bro bro, bath (that is all i can think of right now)
Her few new non-B words include: taxi, duck, quack, nite nite, outside, bye bye

Evie Joy Loves Animals & Dress UP

i love one minute Evie Joy is tackling or swiping something from her brother, the next roaring like a lion and the next putting her beads on...

Going out to eat...

We are "suppose" to go out to eat, find new places, places we enjoy...this sometimes is FUN and we find things we enjoy, sometimes we find tolerable things and sometimes we have NO idea what we are eating and just try to be loving and kind to those around us. Sometimes we fail miserably at being thankful and kind- Everyone knows it can be difficult going out to eat with little ones and in a foreign country on foot or public transportation...
Just giving you a little context...
So, I've (the Mommy) been scoping out some places within a short walk from our apt to try. The sign hanging outside advertised sometime about beef soup. We had a favorite beef soup in our old town we lived in over here and we miss it so we thought we'd try this. But, after entering we saw a huge fish is NOT something you want to eat with kids because they don't take the bones out so we went with some beef. We think it was beef but it was mostly fat, so much fat in fact our lips just had a film of gristle left on them. Sorry, no pictures of food, we have 2 small children, but we did have a good time outside on the sidewalk and looking at the fish :)

here josiah is trying to show ej how to do fish face

i love how she is so excited here!

ej and i met this little girl on the street but ej was a little rowdy for her- at one point ej went up and just pushed her down...oh dear, the joys of having a girl with an older brother :)

josiah in a taxi....can you imagine?!

can you imagine taking a 2, almost 3 year old around town without a car seat, booster seat, seat belt? well here is a sneak blurry peak at our life in a taxi in the back seat with Jo. He is often in various positons, sometimes calm and content, sometimes throwing a not so fun fit...and actually our precious Jo often tries to find a seat belt but they never work if they even exist :)

Saturday, October 23, 2010

1 month into preschool...

i cannot seem to get these videos to upload correctly so that you can see josiah the entire time so if you are a hardcore jo fan you may need to go to youtube, search wawajosiah and have a peak at them over there, i'm sorry

this part is so sweet, jo and his class laying their heads down...

jo was having a good time
i had some other cheesers too :)

he loves music and dance time- he practices at home his songs and has learned to count to 5 so far and some other words so far :)

he loves to sit with this little girl, she is is fav!

he always gets called to the front to participate
he didnt' quite like wearing the tie this day

sometimes we have GREAT days at class, some days we have some ups and downs...josiah has a very difficult time sitting in his seat during story/lecture time- maybe it is 20 minutes long and of course spoken in really fast Chinese. this along with 'roll call' time and other random 'do nothing' times. but when they have a 'scheduled' activity that he can participate in, he normally has a really positive attitude, etc...during potty break time, it is a little confusing also since josiah is just learning to go potty at home and at school they just have a trough or bucket to go potty in, so that one, we will have to work on :)
i wanted to record his day last thursday, quite eventful: ALL 45 kids push to put away fake fruit toys, josiah turns around, goes back to his seat until pushing kids are finished, then goes & puts his fruit in basket (smart kid); board during story time, decides he is going to play duck duck goose & volunteers classmates, he walks around tapping heads saying one kid pushes him away so hard, he falls down, Jo gets up and shakes his hand (teacher very impressed despite the duck duck goose); when it is sit in your seat time, jo decides he will walk to each table and introduce himself in English to the other children (is very cute btw) Good thing there is ALOT of dancing so he can redeem himself a little!! Also this week, one of Jo's classmates apparently went potty in his pants and didn't have a spare pair so he was sitting literally butt naked in his chair so we gave the teacher an extra pair we had in our bag :) BTW, he really likes his teachers and hugs and even sometimes kisses them and is very good about following their instruction- this we are impressed with since it is all in Chinese too.

Evie Joy loves her Mommy, Daddy and Bro Bro

Evie Joy loves brushing her teeth!

Saturday, October 16, 2010

squeaky shoes 2

sqeaky shoes 1

a huge indoor playground is a great way to wear us out!

ej havin a blast :)

Jo jumpin REAL high!

Jo followed this little girl around...

opps didn't flip this pic...ej was so big climbing up to the big kid stuff...

look at me :)

you're not keepin me down there!