Tuesday, September 20, 2011

happy birthday time at mimi & poppes!

Since we were in the states right after EJ's bday and 2 months before Jo's bday we decided to have a small family celebration at MiMi and Poppe's!
Evie Joy was very excited about the potty for her baby doll! She really loves the potty!
Josiah was really into opening presents! This was fun! Evie Joy would open one and just play with that one forever, but Josiah was like okay, here's one, great...where's the next?!

he's pretty excited about getting some new cars :) he is loving them these days!
Aunt Pam got him some kind of toy mouse- mommy is not really a big fan, haha!

we had a Dora/Diego theme! Poppe was pretty excited about Dora! ha!

Dora is trying out the potty!
love these of them blowing out their candles
love this sweet picture!

EJ needed a little help from Daddy with her candle!


we live near a cool panda reserve/park/zoo...not sure what you call it, we finally made it for a visit after living here for over a year! they were really gentle and playful :) and we of course got these cool souvenirs so we can be pandas on cold days too :)

Friday, September 16, 2011

playdate friends!

this was day 2 in the states :) with our sweet friends- Lindsey 2, Evie Joy 2, Karlee 4, James 6, Isaac 5, Charis 4 months, Josiah almost 4, Karsten 2 and Owen 4! These are our sweet friends who send us packages with love and pray for us when we live so far away! WE are so super thankful for fun play times with them while in America!

love this one with Granddaddy & Betty!

recent family pictures

it's kinda hard to get all the kiddos lookin and smilin at one time...but these are pretty good considering!!!! we are very thankful to have a few days all together! Denise drove 15 hours both ways by herself just to spend time with us! What a Blessing! Denise is 26, Jo almost 4 and Evie Joy a fresh 2 :)