Thursday, February 26, 2015

Evie Joy's Thomas Jefferson Poem

Josiah's George Washington song

George Washington and Thomas Jefferson

 Josiah as George Washington and Evie Joy as Thomas Jefferson! They did such a great job introducing themselves and presenting their books they made along with a poem from EJ and a song from Josiah:
Josiah wrote this song:
 George Washington was doing battle
but he wasn’t doing good
But then on Christmas night
through the snow (icy slopes)
things turned around!
He was the First Presdient
He married Martha
who (already) had 2 children
He made the first money
And he’s on the dollar bill
and a quarter

He had motions and everything but he did get a little shy…

Evie Joy wrote this poem:
Thomas Jefferson had his head 
stuck in a book not in bed
He had to use his quill pen (quill )
not a drill
He wrote the Declaration of Independence  
He is on the nickel worth 5 cents
He was the 3rd President 
to many countries he went! 
 Josiah did an excellent job speaking on stage!  Evie Joy hopped across stage!? I asked her why and she said because she likes hopping??? not sure what that has to do with Thomas Jefferson...
 But when it came to presenting at her table, she did excellent!  I had many people come up to me and compliment her presentation and how much they enjoyed her!

They both worked really hard researching, writing, designing and completing their books as well as crafting their own song and poem!  

Monday, February 23, 2015

Judah 19 months!

 So, Judah is up to 25 pounds (25-50 percentile), 33 inches long (50-75 percentile) and his head, it's tiny, below 5 percentile!   He loves to attempt doing school with the big kids…oh my!  picture above is before he knocked over the cup of ink!
 he loves pretending like he is coloring but also enjoys eating some markers and crayons!
 isn't he a cutie giving me a high 5!
and below beating Daddy with the sword! 
 on the plane with Daddy!

 taxi riding with Mommy!
 1 fabulous day, yes just once he took a sweet nap with Mommy!  Oh how I loved this!
And we put this shirt on him which is fitting since he will be a Big Brother in 5 months…he wasn't real happy about this shirt haha!  He loves being the baby! 

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Saturday, February 7, 2015

Home School with local pals

 attempt at learning to write with a brush and ink!  Evie Joy did quite well, written below is "God With Us"!

 here Evie Joy and Duo Jia are finishing up their Noah's Ark animal pictures while De Sheng and Jo get a head start on an intense game of "WAR"!

 all of them playing WAR!

Making Jaozi!

 Our friend came over and make Chinese dumplings/ jaozi with the kids!

kiddos family portraits

 top is Josiah's and bottom Evie Joy's! love them!