Saturday, January 31, 2009

Sunday, January 18, 2009

learning how to ride my che

starting position- middle of my living room
a little action

i rode backwards (it is more like a gallop) from the middle of my living room into my room, all the way til i could go no if i can only get the concept of moving forward :)

finishing position- bedroom wall :)

Friday, January 16, 2009

FREEDOM...on the streets

mom and dad let me walk around a little on the street...oh it was sooo much fun, but then i didn't like holding their hands too much as you can see, i liked to be free and run around everywhere and into everyone and play in the dirt and other fun pics of that since we were running after jo, making sure he was "safe" but our friend took these cute ones of all 3 of us

in case you didn't know, i'm 14 months old

i have been learning how to build with my blocks. Here is just 4 stories high, but sometimes i get up to 6 and then i am all boy and destroy it, which i find to be the really fun part! And i've been practicing my fish face too.

so, what have i been up to? Well, i walk around talking all the time, but not too many clear words...i mostly say "ooooh" but if you say "wow" i can repeat it (see below)

i am learning to color, mostly i like sorting the crayons but i can scribble a bit and daddy has been teaching me to dance. hopefully we will get a good video of that. (Videos and pics are difficult at times bc i see the camera and want to play with it and stop doing whatever it is mommy and daddy are trying to record for you out there-so we aplogize for the not so great videos but hopefully you can still enjoy his stepping stones) i am learning to use the spoon and feed myself and say "All Done" in sign language. One thing that is really sweet about me is "giving love"; if you say Jo give "Mommy/Daddy/any person or stuffed animal" love then i will go over to them and rub them gently. We love this new skill!

above- feed self; below- all done

I also love giving high fives, but when we go outside the Chinese people don't know how to do high five, mom tries to explain to the kids what i am trying to do but they don't understand so it's kinda sad. i'm sure i'll keep trying to teach them.

Monday, January 12, 2009

more food & my very own TENT!

this is me at another favorite restaurant- i am eating sour vegetables and beans, sizzling beef and and another type of fried green beans with of course, rice
and i'm waving to you
don't you love the sour veggies on my face!

And here is my very own travel tent! i am a very picky sleeper so we are hoping this awesome Christmas gift works! I don't like to sleep with Mommy and Daddy and the big tent, is well too big for me to feel like i'm in my bed and if you put me on a bed by myself, i have fallen off and i've gotten out of other man or woman made contraptions trying to keep me "in"

i was so excited that i could see daddy through the mesh parts

Friday, January 9, 2009

wearing my elephant in a sling

while jo carried his elephant in a sling, he kept saying "ma ma" but Eric says it sounded more like "I'm ma ma" bc that is what I always say to him when he calls me "Nai Nai" So anyhow Jo has been practicing saying "ma ma" a lot- he puckers his lips with lots of concentration - so funny and he can do the sign "all done" but he mostly just walks around doing that and doesn't really know what it means. everytime i try to record it he stops and wants to look at the pictures on the camera, so maybe one of these days...enjoy the elephant in a sling for now

sorry i only got like half of his face, but i still had to post it bc his smile is so cute

he walked around with his elephant for 2 hours and he'd hug it like below
it was soooo sweet

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

my first stitches

i fell down and got a big dent in my head so i had to go to the hospital and get these stitches
i actually had to go to the "plastic surgery" department, ha they wanna keep me lookin good around here
but it's not holding me back, i'm as jolly as ever!
one of my favortie parts of each day is when mommy and daddy allow me to run around with no clothes before bathtime...oh, it is sooooo much fun!

Thursday, January 1, 2009

jo wants his nana!

jo has actually been saying "nana" for awhile now but i haven't gotten it on video, you can tell here he is a little anxious about getting it in his mouth :)