Sunday, January 26, 2014

Evie Joy is like looking into a mirror back in time

Tomorrow I am allowing Evie Joy to officially start a Kindergarten curriculum.  She is 4 1/2.  She is at least 6 months beyond where I began teaching Josiah K and she is very motivated so I am not sure how long I can keep her in Kindergarten.  She is one smart little girl.  I hear back in the day I began reading at age 4, before I officially began school and I do remember I could not wait to officially go to Kindergarten, just like my Evie Joy.  So, here we go.  I've been trying to hold off until she is officially completed all of her Pre-K workbooks and she is ready to read.  She is beyond ready, has began reading and just keeps going at a much more rapid pace than her older Brother.  I am a bit concerned of her attitude.  How I longed for her attitude to also mature enough to handle "real school" with Mommy.  This past year I have always given her minimal Pre-K requirements and then required her to sit in on some school with Josiah and I, but then she had the option to leave, but now, she will not have such option and oh, she is a beast when she resists what she is told and it is exhausting taming that beast.  ugh, but I must allow her to officially begin school, she is way beyond academically ready and this past week she has tried and proven she can sit with Josiah and I the entire time and attend here we go, my little girl is growing.

I do love that she is reflecting some part of me.  It is a sweet and special gift especially this past year in losing my Dad.  I read notes he wrote me of how he loved watching Evie Joy and how she reminded him so much of me at her age.  Last year while visiting my Dad, she kept saying "Excuse me Mommy" and I can still hear him laughing, getting so tickled of her saying that to me, just like I'd do that to him.  And then there was one day we were on the bus and she put her hand in my hand and it was just like i'd put my hand in my Dad's, he loved holding my hand and my little hand fit perfect in his just like hers in mine.  I am blessed to look down at her and see myself more through the lens of how my Dad saw me, always chattering about something, busy about many things, trying to take care of this and that, but a bundle of energy and joy and imagination, always learning, loving to help and figure everything out...

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