Sunday, January 1, 2017

Evie Joy & her crafts!

 Evie Joy loves to be crafty/do fun crafts
I like the idea but i'm not really all that craft-talented! 
So, we've been trying to find crafts that interest her and challenge her now that she is 7
Above, she is learning to finger knit
Below, she is showing her first bracelet she made straw weaving 
 And here she is finger knitting.  She knitted her stuffed animal a scarf! 

 She taught her friend how to straw weave this week

 She is learning to sew…here she is working on her Ruby doll! Today she made Ruby a dress!
And then she went on to sew all sorts of things…Josiah's stuffed animals, hearts, buttons...

 Tonight she painted Nativity themed rocks with a friend. We used finger nail polish and it turned out really good on the rocks! Love my girl and all her creative energy!