Friday, May 30, 2008

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

rollin jo

mommy and daddy made our hard floor soft for me to roll

i've been rolling all over the room in my spare time

i can really work my way around a room :)

sleepin jo

this is my new favorite sleeping position since i turned 6 months old
this is my friend Chelsea, she came a long way to see me
so i let her put me to sleep, she digs me

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Ball Workouts

daddy got me a ball just like my mommys'
love the foot action

and some upper body

no pain, no gain

exercise fun!

these are really short because we have super slow internet but hope you get the idea

for longer ones you can go here-


Tuesday, May 20, 2008

i take care of this bod

i've added strength training to my already diverse cross training exercise regimen-
jogging, walking, swimming, kick-boxing, jumping, bouncing
working out is a fun part of my daily life- here, mom and i are doing fit and giggles
and i really do giggle while we do it! i'll share more soon...
be sure to take care of your shenti!

sittin up skills

i can sit up all by myself for a little while if i don't begin reaching for a toy or person or any random object to try in my mouth, here i am able to concentrate because the tv is on!

Monday, May 19, 2008

this is what i thought of cereal

at first, i was most interested in tasting my bib
i tried a dab here and there

day 3- i think i might like it
(or its new and tolerable for now)

Friday, May 16, 2008

travelin buddy jo

recently i went to visit my family- here are some pics of my international travels
busin jo

ferry jo

flyin jo

happy 6 months old to me

i normally stick to sharing pictures for all you who love me
to celebrate my turning a half a year old i thought i'd write a little blog...

things about me (so far)
i don't do anything all that exciting yet- i roll over if i really want to, but the desire is not that often, i can scoot to get what i want but i dont' really understand how i'm scooting, i don't even really play with toys except to put them in my mouth, my favoirtie food-of course, mommy's milk, but i am soon to discover a world of other tastes and textures, i prefer to be carried in a front pack or sling over a stroller, i love baths, i am a man of habit- i like to bath each night before bed and sleep with my hands up in praise the Lord position in my bed for each nap and nighttime sleeping, i smile all the time, i love meeting people- i am very friendly and happy and energetic, which has proved to make me an excellent travel partner, i am very determined, stubborn, very expressive and talkative- i really have a lot to say (blugh..., da da, cooo...), i am a great cuddle buddie too, i am sweet, tender and loving (of course i'm getting benefits for acting such ways!), but seriously i love to be loved and get lots of attention.

in case you feel like you couldn't get all this from my pics, this is a jie shao about me

Tuesday, May 13, 2008


the ball

i can see myself and i look so good, i'll try to take a bite!

jo cool

4 generations...

this is my mimi and poppi

fun with gma betty

what a face!

da da

the past few weeks, this is what we hear nonstop, except when i put the camera up to record, he gets camera shy, so here is an attempt to capture da da