Thursday, May 31, 2012

Children's Day Fashion Show?

sorry this video is not an awesome piece of art...i'm pretty sure there were people bumping me and walking in front of me and i was trying to tell Evie Joy what to do...not that she heard MIMI beware, this may make you sick...just for the few people who want to see EJ walk the runway i put it on! 

2012 Children's Day- Josiah's Class

Happy Children's Day 2012!

Beautiful Evie Joy was a little afraid of the very loud music!

Mommy and I danced with my class together- here is an aftershot!

Josiah LOVES singing and dancing!  He's been practicing "Mama ting wo shuo...." everyday for weeks!

Josiah and Evie Joy were apparently in some fashion show event!

They had no idea what they were doing :)  I think they were team Hawaii?!  They wanted Jo to wear no shorts and EJ nothing underneath...but we are a little modest for the Preschool Fashion Show I suppose!

Sorry this is blurry- it is the only one of her looking somewhat happy!

Check out the girl in the white- her outfit is made of paper cups!

Love this picture of my Hula kids! 
This guy was a cupid made of cds?!  oh dear!

trying to get his sissy to dance with him!

i think Evie Joy has a little more stage fright or maybe just really loud music fright than Josiah! :)

here she is swinging her hips a little!

Happy 2012 Children's Day!  Hopefully soon we'll have our dancin video posted!  Yippie! 

Friday, May 25, 2012

New River Walk!

This is us on one of our new city busses- doesn't it look fancy?!  :)  We love riding the bus!

We hung out at our New Riverwalk- they had fun rocks to climb!  To us, rocks to climb are even better than playgrounds!

We didn't actually get any great pictures of our cool riverwalk bc we are having some technical issues with the camera, but here are a few fun ones of us!  Yay for beautiful places to run around and get dirty and have fun!  We love that our home has lots of these fun places just for us!

Monday, May 21, 2012

Yes, we want our picture with the BULLS!

I'm not really sure the significance of these bulls- i know there are bull fights.  I know the kids were pretty excited about getting their pictures taken with these bulls and so we did!  Here you go!  Enjoy!

pics with old friends!

It was super awesome to run into our old Kiwi friend who was just passing through town at the same time we were! Here is our Miao friend with 2 people from her home village- the boy had severe burns a year ago and has been healing remarkably! 
This is our dear friends' wife and baby!  WE were so blessed to meet them!

Our friend who also use to be our teacher! 
EJ and Josiah loved seeing their friend!

hahaha josiah is cracking me up here the way he is looking at L
This is our old helper JOY!   She use to help clean- and oh did she ever work so hard and make so little and did such a good job!  Now she has her own business and is doing great!  The last time she saw Jo he was only 18 months old! 

Josiah use to play with this little girl whose Mommy is a shoe-shiner on the street- anyways, Josiah was super sweet but the girl was super shy! 
We sure wished the camera would have cooperated here for a picture but here is a gift we received from this sweet family!  They own a little dish shop we'd eat at from time to time.  They still had a picture of us eating at their restaurant 3 years ago!  They were so excited to see us!
This is Koolaide- the drink guy across from where we use to live!  His son is now 6!  Wow!  We enjoyed playing at their shop and on the sidewalk in front of their shop for a bit, where Mommy and DAddy once performed "Long Black Train!" 
We feel so blessed to have gotten to visit with old friends!  We are thankful for our new friends and the city we live in now, but we will always hold dear our first home in China! 

Yummy Minority Food!

invited to a Miao home for a meal, Evie Joy was impatient and began digging in way before anyone else!

yum yum, out for Muslim noodles!  oh how we miss them!  Mommy's hair use to smell like garlic for days!
at Ivan's Mommy's fried breaskfast bread shop :) We love her!  We love her bread! And everyone else loved us!

eating at the Yang family's house for dinner! They are Dong people and they make the bestest food in all of China, in our opinion! 

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Oh So Beautiful Miao ladies!

Evie Joy here is pants-less since we actually ate lunch at one Miao family's house and she spilled water or something all over outfit #1, then peed on outfit #2 and so um, that was all we had packed! So we got a lot of parenting advice that she wasn't wearing enough clothes :)  But, still wanted to get this cute shot with the green bean seller!
Oh how we loved seeing all the beautiful Miao ladies when we visited our old hometown!  Each different type of head-covering they wear represents which village they are from and thus which dialect they speak! We took a few opportunities and got our pictures taken with some different ladies for keepsake!

towel hat cucumber seller!

flower head apricot seller!

Some more sewing ladies!  They would get so tickled to have the kids get their picture with them!

Love these ladies- wearing their flowers, got their shovels in case someone hires them this particular day but in the meantime they'll sew up something beautiful! 

sewing ladies- they are all from the same area but have a few cute options as hats- trend setters!
hope you enjoyed a little dose of our minority town fun!