Sunday, April 17, 2016

Elijah 9 months- I just wanna WALK!

 I am the cutest sweetest baby!

Sometimes i fuss when it's cook dinner time…so my Mommy wears me like this!

 the force!

 I help my Mommy teach important stories!
 this is my little playmate…she teaches me how to get into things!

 My Mommy was trying to get a picture of how cute i was in my tie on Easter,
 but it was hard to keep still!


 I love to eat crust off toast! It's my favorite this month!

 Again, hard to get a clear shot, but he loves cruising along the gate!

 Sweet snuggles with my Mommy! 
 He loves to see himself when taking a picture! ha!

 still love me some buggy rides!
 Cute Selfie with YoYo!

 Loved playing attack the Ninja Turtle with Scott! 

 still sporting my Santa top in April! Hey, I'm cute!

 standing, cruising...

 I really like feeding myself as much as possible! So here I think i had some tomatoes and some strawberries, I also like bananas and mangos and grapes in my strainers! 

 Big Boy with his hat!

 got a little adventurous and tried some hot pot tofu and potatoes! I hate 3 bowls full! 
I also enjoyed eating roasted pumpkin and boiled peas this past week!
I still love sweet potatoes and applesauce~

 I got a yucky cold so Mommy took me on an extra long buggy ride! I loved it!
 Loved how big he is here pushing the car across the room
He gets so mad when he lets go and tries to take a step and can't! Bless him! He is really sweet and loves everyone in his family! He loves to laugh, giggle, say "Ah-Da", loves to be outside and of course, pull up.  He doesn't like to be left alone so it is wonderful when the other kids can sit with/near him if they are available.  He did play one day for 15 minutes in his room alone!  He loves music, he bounces up and down if he hears music or if you sing to him! It's so adorable! That about wraps up my 8th month!  Now if only i can get completely over this yuck and enjoy 9 months old!

Friday, April 15, 2016


 Judah loves beep beeps!