Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Fancy Hair & Nails Kinda Day!

from 50 to 90 here

 i love these cuties!

We have really short Fall and Spring seasons here so it was not a huge surprise that the temps were in the 50's one week and hit 90 the next!  We were so hot!  So, we took our buckets outside and played in the water!  Our sweet Ayi ladies who work at the complex were more than happy to fill up our buckets, more than once :) ha!  they seem to really enjoy how we spice things up around here and actually just stood around for over a half hour asking if the kids wanting more and more water!  The local residents, they were mostly amazed that our kids are so healthy and not going to get sick from playing in the cold water when it is 90 degrees?!  oh dear! 

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

We love Learning!

Josiah has been more into making his history/geography crafts this month :) Above, is a french nobleman's four posted bed!  Of course, Evie Joy wanted to make one too!
We have practiced letters and words with shaving cream a few rainy days this month!  I am so proud of them both- Josiah is reading and writing several words now and Evie Joy can write all her letters really well now! 
Below, just a normal day at school with Mommy!  We were suppose to count pennies but luckily Daddy had enough yinbis for us to count!  Evie Joy is working on her big Preschool book and Josiah his handwriting book!

Made Teepees learning about the Pioneers and American Indians!

We received some fun glitter in the mail!  
Yippie!  Word above is Jo and letter "C" below is Evie Joy's!

Evie Joy was measuring the room! ha!
Here we are learning some Chinese while painting! 

Above, Josiah's Kungfu Panda painting!
Below, Evie Joy's drawing of a pig!  Love it!

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Our BOX!

 Josiah saw this idea in the Highlights magazine to decorate a box as a house...so when we went to the store we saw some really great boxes we could use so we grabbed one!  And off they went at decorating their house!  They loved this!  They decorated and played with this box for 3 hours 2 days in a row! 

 Here, Josiah is wall papering the inside with Easter stickers!

 Evie Joy is putting blood on the door because she has recently been obsessed with Moses and well in a Moses story, they had to put blood above the door.  Then later her sheep stuffed animal was singing praises to God that Jesus came and the sheep didn't have to be killed anymore as a sacrifice! 

The Sweetie has been practicing her letters!

 It's really fun that Evie Joy is so into learning her letters these days!  She practices writing them over and over.  A few months ago she was the least bit interested!  She said her new found desire is due to the fact that the Sweetie must know all her letters! 

This is a person, not a letter, but still cute I thought!  Just wanted to remember some of her first letters written and her drawing of a person! 

Friday, April 5, 2013

More Evie Joy at Preschool!

some more pics of Evie Joy at morning exercise, dance time at school!

 not too much into dancing here...still eating her jelly beans!

 she likes to run around and do her own thing...she did dance a little with her classmates and teachers!

 shaking her maraca with friends!

Monday, April 1, 2013

Fu Huo Jie 2013- Evie Joy

 MiMi sent us a special package with some toys and candy so the kids received a large joint basket with the package items and a few local candies.  They loved it!  They don't have an American expectation of getting an entire Easter basket of candy to themselves so this is kinda nice we can just do whatever and they are thankful and happy with that.  Josiah loved the toys, Evie Joy loved the snacks and crafts!  If I say Evie Joy do you want a snack, she'll say "you got me Mommy!" and hop over to me!  She is all about her some snacks.  She thinks snacks is a food group.  I tried explaining otherwise!
 our friends came over Easter morning to celebrate with us...we had our story time and did some special crafts MiMi had sent.  Evie Joy actually did crafts almost all day!  She loves crafts! 
 Easter lunch at our house with local friends...of course Evie Joy was not too excited at all about eating this!  She would much rather have rice or noodles or snacks!
 I love these- so sweet, Evie Joy giving our friend Clarissa some kisses!  They enjoy playing with Clarissa, she is always willing to be the bad guy so they can team up on her! 

 Evie Joy was excited that one of the gifts to open during our Easter game was a doctor's set which of course the person who opened it gladly let Evie Joy keep!  She was anxious to give Panda a check up!

 Evie Joy loved dying eggs, she may have dyed at least one entire dozen herself...She was all about mixing colors and really never was quite finished...
 Evie Joy was so excited to give out candy to her class.  I had prepared something for her teachers but she asked specifically if she could please give her classmates candy too!  So, we went extra early so we could!  I love how her heart is growing and becoming more and more sensitive to spiritual things.  Recently she has expressed concerned that her teacher wears a false god.  And she asks me really good questions like, "Mommy, why doesn't God just jump inside of everyone?" and " What does it mean to be born again?" 
Hugging one of her teachers while chomping on some jelly beans!