Monday, July 29, 2013

Sibling Shots

5 Day Old Photos! LOVE!

Our sweet friend Amy took these as a gift to us of Judah when he was only 5 days old!  We love them all and think she did an amazing job!  

Big Bro Big Sis meet Baby Judah!

Introducing Baby Judah!

This is a funny pic but it was really so great- this time they gave Mommy baby for skin to skin time for an entire hour before taking baby to even weigh.  It was very intimate and special!
He was a super chunk!  9 pounds 1 ounce, 20.5 inches long
born July 16 at 10:14 pm!
proud MiMi

love his tiny feet prints!
Daddy was a great labor coach! 

Baby's name really is: Judah Wilson Wayne Rymer 
Judah- means Praise, Jesus came from the tribe of Judah- gives us hope in our eternal Deliverer! 
Wilson- named after our Great Uncle Buck (Wilson Greenfield) who is someone we admire, respect and look up to and are so honored to call Uncle on earth and spiritually. He has faithfully followed and served God all his life. 
Wayne- Eric's middle name is after his maternal Grandfather Wayne Vandergriff, who we love dearly. We wanted to give Judah a piece of his daddy and Great Grandfather's name in this way. 
The name Judah translated into Chinese is actually Yo-Da or Yoda...we most likely will not use the translated name and create our own Chinese name but my husband is pretty happy about his son being named Yoda!

Preparing for Marshmellow Boz's Arrival

This is not our first baby, so we didn't take a ton of pregnancy pictures, but wanted to display a few keepsakes for baby when he grows bigger so he can see a little of himself in Mommy's belly!
17 weeks
Josiah is very excited about baby in Mommy's belly!
5 months- baby will be born in the year of the Snake!

 27 weeks 

35 weeks

love how jo is kissing baby here!
at the aquarium, almost 37 weeks here...

 My shirt says "Welcome Baby Boz!"

Color Run with Denise on July 4, 37 1/2 weeks, hoping that race would speed up baby coming!
MiMi got this bib for baby since he will officially be born in USA!  :) big smiles!

Friday, July 26, 2013

Creative Kids!

 Blocks above are Jabba the Hut's house and Han Solo is in the frozen tank (plastic box)
Below- Josiah cut and taped a track together for something fun
 Above, Evie Joy's Millennium Falcon paper plate
Below, Evie Joy's picture of Poppe!

light saber fights with Daddy!

found these light sabers at yard sales for a buck each!  And we've been having lots of fun!