Wednesday, April 2, 2008

tons of balloon fun

i'm too cute and i knew ya'll would wanna see all these cute shots
happy birthday to mommy

Jie Shao Balloon

mommy shared her party in a box with me
thanks mimi for the balloons!

i thought these were cute and we don't know how much longer

lil jo can sport around his made in china onesie

the coal track

recently, i've been walking and jogging on the coal track near our home
normally i go with just my mom, but today all 3 of us went
this is the mountain behind the coal track, the steep slope getting to the track
and a view of the city from the track- enjoy!

smiles for daddy

a couple funny things

today is really april 21 fyi, computer still broken
the other day i took my pants off and turned myself around in my crib

my right foot- it is overactive most of the time, i can't keep a sock on it for very long- you see how i lodge my right foot in my swing-

New Toys

Thank You to all my friends at
Hillcrest, Silverdale and Saddleback!

playtime fun

Shang Jie with Peeps

some new skills

i can feed myself!

playing with daddy

this is the first video that has actually downloaded so we hope it works!

Go Maryland!

thanks uncle duck and aunt lynn for my sporty outfit!

josiah goes to the doctors @ 5 months

weighing 13 pounds
in the taxi- no carseats here!
on the bus

my sports buggy

the pic below daddy is actually wheeling me up the stairs and i'm lovin it-
we may try this next time i get fussy

eric loved pushing this thing around town-- i think he felt so American because he finally had a fine piece of equipment to operate

luvin my mommy

sharing how BIG I'm gettin!

they all look so sweet i couldn't decide, so enjoy them all!

our jogger didn't come with a foot shield...

so we got this free hat that consumes my whole head! and we have tons of computer problems so we'll try to share more later! much love to all